Dos Croquetas pop-up gets crafty with beloved Cuban snack

Miami is a melting pot of people, and of food, which means there is always great stuff being created — and even better stuff to eat. We found a spot that is putting a spin — or two — on a traditional snack.

Croquetas are a South Florida staple. I mean, they’re practically a vegetable at my house.

But this snack is getting an upgrade.

Alec Fernandez, Dos Croquetas: “Dos Croquetas is a craft croqueta company based in Miami, Florida. We want to take the croqueta to the next level.”

At Dos Croquetas in Doral, variety is the spice of life.

Alec Fernandez: “Instead of those traditional ham, chicken and cheese [croquetas] that you find at your traditional bakery, we decided we could offer a wide variety of different croquetas.”

There are always least six types of croquetas. For the purists there’s ham, but you’re gonna want to expand your palate.

Alec Fernandez

Alec Fernandez: “Our most popular is inspired by the city — it is called the ‘305’ — which is Angus-style Cuban picadillo, plantains and cheese.”

From the Angus Cheeseburger, to the Mac and Cheese and Bacon, these aren’t your abuela’s croquetas.

Alec Fernandez: “It has mac and cheese, bacon, and we coat it in Parmesan, because you can never have enough cheese.”

Go for the Buffalo Crack Chicken, or try the Mexican street corn flavor.

Alec Fernandez: “We take roasted corn, mix it with polenta, add in some cheese and wrap it in panko.”

Each flavor has a special sauce to go with it, and all are made by hand.

And here, size matters.

Alec Fernandez: “Our croquetas are pretty hearty. They’re larger. They’re about four inches, but they’re way bigger than traditional croquetas. We wanted every single bite to count.”

To get ’em, it’s pretty easy: Order your favorite flavors, or even their dessert bites, online, and then decide how you want them handed off.

Alec Fernandez: “You can actually get the croquetas in a couple of different ways, whether you like them delivered straight to your doorstep, or you can do curbside pickup.”

Yes. Curbside croquetas at their Doral pop-up.

Alec Fernandez: “You actually just send us a text when you’re outside, and we’ll take the order to your car. A lot of customers love to just send us a little peace sign emoji, and that’s how we know they’re here. A peace sign is part of our logo.”

Antonella Mion-Bet, customer: “I think it’s amazing. I am so glad they started this and we have craft croquetas in Miami.”

Dos croquetas may mean “two croquetas,” but with all these options, we’ll take two of each. Right now, Dos Croquetas is delivering until 1 a.m.

Dos Croquetas
7340 N.W. 35th St.
Miami, FL 33122
(305) 912-3672

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