We may have just found the greatest thing since sliced bread. You ready for this? It’s bread, but not just bread. Bread that’s delivered right to you. Talk about a company rising to the occasion.

The milkman is, sadly, a thing of the past, but his spirit lives on through a bread delivery service called Domaselo.

Emil Hristov, Domaselo: “Traditional bakers have their own routines of getting up early, baking in the morning, then waiting for their customers to come to the door. We reversed this process by focusing on the customer and when they eat, and then we bake around their schedule.”

Domaselo currently delivers to Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, Key Biscayne and Brickell.

You place your order online, choose what day and time you want your loaf or loaves delivered, and as soon as the next day, you’ve got freshly baked, warm bread at your front door.

Brenton Ver Ploeg, customer: “When I lived in San Francisco, I would head to the bakeries at 3 o’clock in the morning to pick this stuff up like that. This is delivered to your door!”

AJ Fazendin, customer: “He always brings it in warm. I mean, it’s like 5 o’clock, and it’s fresh bread. It’s better than what you’re gonna get at the store.”

Favorite loaves include multigrain, country bread, along with walnut and cranberry.

These may actually smell even better than they look! And the creation process is, of course, very important.

Emil Hristov: “It starts with buying the right ingredients, and we buy everything organic. Then, we make it in the most natural way, which means we allow time to do the work and not chemicals.”

Roughly 24 hours later, your made-to-order loaves are about ready to go. All rise!

Emil Hristov: “The baking process is almost like the celebration. It’s the quickest one. It’s only 42 minutes.”

Then it’s time to hit the road. That’s when the really fun part comes in.

Emil Hristov: “Our main product is not even the bread itself. It’s that moment we hand over the bread. That’s what excites us.”



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