Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa donates equipment to charity ahead of documentary’s release

(WSVN) - The Miami Dolphins’ new quarterback will be showcasing his football life in a new documentary to be released over the weekend, but he is also working to donate new equipment to children in Miami-Dade County.

The documentary, called “Tua,” pulls back the curtain on Tua Tagovailoa’s life before and after he was drafted by the Dolphins.

“You know, you got the lion and the gazelle,” Tagovailoa said. “They both wake up in the morning. They both got to run. One is running to something. One is running away from something, you know, and which one are you? For me, you take on the mindset of trying to wake up and become a lion every day. I’m chasing to be the best Tua I can be, both on and off the field.”

Although he has yet to take a snap in an NFL game, there is a lot of hype with the Dolphins’ projected franchise quarterback, not only for what he may do on the field, but for what he is doing off the field.

Tagovailoa, in partnership with Fox Sports and Good Sports, Inc., are working to donate $111,111 worth of new equipment to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Miami-Dade, Tuscaloosa, Alabama and Hawaii.

The dollar figure honors the quarterback’s No. 1 jersey, and the new equipment will keep children active.

“They have jerseys, and they have new football gear, and they have all these great things, whether it’s soccer, baseball, all sorts of gear they provided, so the kids can have really nice, cool stuff,” Alex Rodriguez-Roig, the President of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Miami-Dade, said.

The donation will also help the Boys & Girls Clubs of Miami-Dade with its in-person virtual learning and after-school care programs for the school year. These programs are important to keep the area’s youth engaged during the coronavirus pandemic.

“You know, we have this COVID thing going on, and the ability to provide this for kids just gives hope, gives them happiness,” Rodriguez-Roig said. “It brings something else. It breaks that day-to-day thing, so it’s something that really — there’s a physical thing to it that they’re giving the larger thing is that there’s an emotional thing, so ‘Hey, look, somebody’s thinking about us. Somebody cares about us.'”

Meanwhile, Tagovailoa continues to work towards becoming the Dolphins’ starting quarterback.

Defensive Tackle Davon Godchaux, who played for rival Southeastern Conference school Louisiana State University, just hopes his school was included in the feature.

“I’m excited to see that,” Godchaux said. “I hope they have the last game, you know, when LSU beat them. That’s my guy, though. He’s a great guy. He’s a great guy.”

WSVN is proud sponsor of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Miami-Dade.

“Tua” premieres Sunday at 4 p.m. on Channel 7.

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