Deco friends, it has always been a hope of mine that somehow, someday my veracious appetite may serve a purpose and finally pay off for me. Speaking of, the time is now! Thanks to the Dolphin Mall, people like you and me can eat our way for free stuff.

Dolphin Mall is giving shoppers a gift they can’t refuse and why would they? It’s free!

Madelyn Bella Calvar: “Dine and shop is a promotion that we’re hosting now in August.”

Right now at Dolphin, if you spend $75 or more on your meal, you get a $25 gift card.

Madelyn Bella Calvar: “It’s a great promotion during the summer. It brings people out to go dining, and then we incentive them to go shopping for during back to school time period.”

The idea is simple: you eat then you shop.

Mauricio Pincetic: “We paid our bill, we went to the information desk, we talked to the manager there, and he gave us a choice of cards.”

And with more than a dozen options for food, you can score a gift card just about anywhere.

Mauricio Pincetic: “Things are getting so expensive. You go out to dinner anyway. Why not get a gift certificate to go shopping?”

You can get some new shoes at Nike, a pair of jeans at Levis, or some nice perfume at Bath and Bodyworks and more, like at J. Crew and Old Navy.

Mauricio Pincetic: “I chose the card for Levis. I picked the one that I wanted. The one we shop at the most and came here and bought myself a pair of jeans.”

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