Get ready for a holly, Dolly Christmas!

Dolly Parton is the gift that keeps on giving. Here’s a look at the country legend’s new holiday special.

Dolly Parton (as Angel): “You find that light, and it will lead you to the part of you you lost.”

Well, I’ll be! Country crooner, Dolly Parton is spreading holiday cheer in “Christmas on the Square,” a new film by Netflix.

Dolly Parton: “This is going to be such a perfect thing, and I got lucky to get to write all the music for the movie. I wrote 14 original songs.”

Jeanine Mason: “It’s a nostalgic, yummy family film, but it’s also, it’s a spectacle, and it’s magical.”

The movie’s about a Scrooge-like woman, played by actress Christine Baranski, and she is rich.

She schemes to sell a small town she owns to a mall developer. It’s where she grew up.

Even worse, she’s planning to evict its residents on Christmas Eve. But her plans change when she encounters an angel.

Christine Baranski: “A lot of the imagery and a lot of the theme is finding your inner light. And when my character lights that lantern alone in her living room, it unlocks the little secret compartment that shows the Bible and then it unlocks her history. Finding the light opens her up.”

The cast says the movie delivers a timely message.

Jeanine Mason: “I just love that it’s a message of goodness and of unity.”

Dolly Parton: “We’ve gone through bad things before, and I really think that God is in this. I really think that, uh, he’s teaching us some things about ourselves, and I hope that we’re learning it well.”

The Christmas musical premieres this Sunday.

Christine Baranski (as Regina Fuller): “This town is being sold, so let’s avoid disaster. It’s in my jurisdiction to hand you this eviction.”

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