DNCE performs for Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas

Joe Jonas and his band DNCE served up some cake by the ocean this weekend … literally. And waves of fans came on board for the South Florida show.

Thousands of lucky guests boarded Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas for an exclusive “Friendsgiving” at Port Everglades.

Now, I know my holidays, but I’ve never heard of “Friendsgiving.”

Mark Tamis: “Friendsgiving is an amazing celebration. Thanksgiving is all about that day with family; Friendsgiving, you know, is the couple weeks before and after where it’s friends giving and getting together where they can just relax, let their hair down, and then get ready for that Thanksgiving holiday with family.”

And the icing on the cake? Joe Jonas and his multi-platinum selling band, DNCE, hosted the event.

Joe Jonas: “The ship is has so much to do, and I think we’re still pretty overwhelmed.”

The band toured the largest cruise ship in the world before getting in on some of the fun. They even took on the Ultimate Abyss, the largest slide at sea.

Joe Jonas: “That was pretty extreme. And we thought it was just like a regular slide, but then there’s all these lights and noises inside — super fast as well.”

But their favorite part of the ship? The bionic bar: a one-of-a-kind bar where robots whip up your drink of choice.

Joe Jonas: “It was our first impression of the ship, and they even danced for us. So that takes the cake, right?”

The band then rocked out with all of their new friends during a sunset concert at the ship’s Aqua Theater.

Mark Tamis: “DNCE are perfect. Everything we do at Royal Caribbean’s about quality and energy, and matching that with the quality and energy of their performance was incredible.”

DNCE even gave fans a taste of their upcoming album, which drops Friday. The album includes their latest single, “Body Moves,” and their hit song “Cake by the Ocean.”

Joe Jonas: “It kind of is surreal for us. We’re really excited to get it out to the world, and fans can expect a lot more of the same from DNCE. We have the EP out now for a year, and we’ve had this time to really grow as a band and really define our sound, so I feel like it’s an evolution of what you’ve heard already.”

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