DJ Robbie Rivera celebrates musical milestone with new album

Robbie Rivera is more than a local legend. The star DJ has brought his brand of electronic music to fans around the world, but now he’s back in South Florida to celebrate a musical milestone with something new for fans.

Robbie Rivera makes you move.

The Miami DJ has been spinning around the world for more than two decades, and now he’s back home pushing his new album “Twenty.”

Robbie Rivera: “It’s a collection of brand new tracks, and I’m celebrating 20 years of producing music and touring all over the world. It’s some really cool club tracks and some commercial tunes.”

Deco hung with Robbie at his favorite restaurant, Jimmy’z Kitchen in Wynwood — a perfect place to discover how the 305 affects his music.

Robbie Rivera: “I grew up in Puerto Rico and I’ve lived in Miami since ’92, so there’s a lot of Latin influences. A lot of percussion with a lot of traditional house music vibes.”

Robbie gave us the latest trends in club-land.

Robbie Rivera: “Right now, people are really into grooves. There’s a big boom in tech house and house music and techno, which is more hypnotic grooves, which is good ’cause people can dance to it and not just face the DJ.”

That’s just the way he likes it.

The music is the show, not the person in the booth.

Robbie Rivera: “I’m very old-school. For me, it’s all about the music. It’s not about taking the mic and screaming or acting funny in the booth. I don’t do that.”

Everyone who comes to hear him spin is important.

Seriously — everyone.

Robbie Rivera: “I like to read the crowd to see what the people are doing. If somebody leaves the dance floor I get all anxious. ‘Well, why is this person leaving the dance floor? I gotta get that guy back,’ you know? I like to study the people.”

Robbie’s musical mission is the same as it’s always been: to bring a little magic to the dance floor.

Robbie Rivera: “I’m trying to take everybody on a journey of electronic music, and most people are getting in the groove and having some drinks and having a happy moment and forgetting about their daily problems when they go to a nightclub.”

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