DJ Marc Kinchen talks music with Deco ahead of Delano Hotel set

A DJ known for remixing some of the biggest songs on the radio is here in the 305 for Miami Music Week. And Deco caught up with him before his big South Beach performance.

He’s known in the music world as MK.

Marc Kinchen brought down the house at the Dream Hotel to get things going for Miami Music Week.

Marc “MK” Kinchen: “For most DJs, Miami Music Week is the start of the rest of the year.”

Basically, it’s like their Super Bowl.

Marc “MK” Kinchen: “We all have songs we’ve been working on all winter, and play ’em, that are probably gonna be our biggest records all year round.”

And for MK, that song is already heating up Miami radio stations. It’s called “17.”

Marc “MK” Kinchen: “When I first made ’17,’ I liked the song a lot before it even came out.”

And performing it during Music Week is…

Marc “MK” Kinchen: “This is like vacation time for me. All my friends are here, so we just kind of hang out. Playing is like an excuse to hang out.”

When it comes to DJ-ing, it’s really all about one thing for this pro.

Marc “MK” Kinchen: “I just try to play really good music, and 99 percent of the time, most people in the crowd like good music.”

And what does he mean by “good music?”

Marc “MK” Kinchen: “In this genre, like playing house and techno, it’s more so a balance — just makes you feel good, makes you wanna dance. I don’t really play music that makes you wanna go home and cry. It’s music that makes you wanna have a good time.”

But Miami Music Week isn’t the only big thing on his agenda. MK has made remixes for some of music’s bigwigs like Rihanna.

And now, he’s got another duet up his sleeve.

Marc “MK” Kinchen: “I did a remix for Sam Smith for ‘Pray’ which comes out really soon.”

We’ll be on the lookout for that — but for now, Miami Music Week is this guy’s main stage.

If you missed MK’s performance last night, you’re in luck because he’s doing it all over again Saturday night at the Delano Hotel.


Marc “MK” Kinchen

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