Memorial Day is fun. And Independence weekend is a blast. But in Miami, this weekend is the best of the summer! That’s ’cause it’s DJ Irie’s annual party weekend … and we were at the big kickoff last night.

The weekend comes early when you’re DJ Irie. Irie Weekend kicked off Wednesday night and he invited some celebrities to join in the festivities.

Omar Miller: “I’m so excited, I am here, I am about that life, that DJ Irie give back life.”

DJ Irie: “I didn’t think we’d get passed three years much less 12, but it’s really all possible because of people like this man right next to me.”

Jamie Foxx: “So whenever he ask me, I’m coming no matter what.”

The 12th annual Irie Weekend got underway at the Shelbourne Hotel on South Beach with a Gala dinner.

Irie’s best bud — actor Jamie Foxx hosted the night.

DJ Irie: “I think you get the record, this is your third Irie Weekend.”

Jamie Foxx: “I’m excited that he called on me to come down but I would go anywhere for Irie. DJ Irie I will come down ‘selecta?’ So any time he tells me to come I’m always here.”

This year, Irie decided to change things up a bit.

DJ Irie: “This is the first year we are doing this particular event and we kinda figured, ‘Lets take it to another level and really showcase the work that we’re doing and invite friends, family, supporters to come in and invest and truly be a part of it.'”

Jamie Foxx: “You feel his energy. It goes all over the world and anything he’s behind, I’m behind.”

Jamie wasn’t the only celeb there — Chris Bosh and Juwan Howard came out to support too.

Juwan Howard: “I’m so happy for DJ Irie and all the things he’s done over the years. Putting on an event like this for the community.”

Irie’s foundation is committed to helping at-risk kids in South Florida get on the right track.

DJ Irie: “I can’t do this alone, it takes support, it takes commitments.”

Jamie Foxx: “A lot of times, kids from the hood, their dreams are limited, but with foundation, you let kids see successful people and sometimes it’s a thankless job and know we are all here to support you.”


Irie Weekend

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