‘Tis the season — and you know what that means: Christmas movies! And binge watching them is a total guilty pleasure. Deco took a snow day in L.A. and sat down with the cast of Netflix’s “Let It Snow.”

Liv Hewson (as Dorrie): “Have you ever been with someone, and you stay up until like 4 a.m. just talking about everything? And you’re just like, ‘I can’t believe I get to exist at the same time as you?'”

Jacob Batalon (as Keon): “No.”

Don’t let the name fool you. Netflix’s new holiday rom-com, “Let It Snow,” is all about those warm, fuzzy feelings.

Shameik Moore (as Stuart): “Anything can happen. Good, bad, anything.”

The movie follows a group of friends with intertwining storylines after a snowstorm on Christmas Eve. Think “Love Actually,” but with a younger cast.

Shameik Moore: “Wanna get for Christmas. Y’all don’t know that song?”

Liv Hewson: “So sorry.”

Jacob Batalon: “What’s going on? What happened? Whoa, whoa, whoa, Shameik.”

“Let It Snow” might be a Christmas movie, but it focuses on gifts like friendship, love and acceptance. So the cast told Deco about the most thoughtful presents they’ve ever gotten.

Matthew Noszka: “From a very special someone, I got like a book of just memories, and it was like a timeline from when we met.”

Kiernan Shipka: “A handwritten note. That, to me, that’s absolutely unbeatable.”

Shameik Moore: “I’m making music, so my dad build me a studio, like a full on professional recording studio.”

Anna, who plays Kerry in the movie, got something unique from an ex.

Anna Akana: “For my birthday, he had a custom cookie cutter made of our faces. It looked horrifying when you baked it.”

This cast definitely knows how to have fun together, on and off the set — so much so that when we asked Odeya to plan her perfect 24 hours, she said…

Odeya Rush: “I would go with Kiernan to all of her favorite restaurants, and then at the end, I would take you — I’m not a restaurant person, but I know one good place, and I would take you there.”

Even though it’s not a musical, “Let It Snow” does feature a little singing. Pretty much everyone in the cast can carry a tune, so you know we had to ask about a potential collab.

Jacob Batalon: “I would be game for that. That sounds really fun.”

Isabela Moner: “I mean, I got the soprano harmonies.”

Anna Akana: “Yes. It’s a Stomp dance video.”

Jacob Batalon: I’ll record it, is what I’m saying.”

“Let It Snow” is now streaming on Netflix Instant.

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