Dip into Dizengoff’s authentic hummus

Hummus is among us. And Deco found a spot that simply makes awesome hummus. It’s in the heart of Wynwood. It’s so authentic you’ll feel like you’re halfway around the world.

Time to dip into Dizengoff.

Dean Hildebrand: “Dizengoff in Wynwood is a hummusia. We serve hummus platters and fresh baked pita bread and salads.”

Their specialty is one of the Middle East’s most delicious exports.

Dean Hildebrand: “Hummus is chickpea puree that is pureed with sesame paste or tahini.”

This stuff is the real deal.

Joy Gabbai: “My parents are from Israel and I spend every summer in Israel, so I eat hummus a lot. That’s how I know it tastes authentic.”

The hummus is made in small batches throughout the day

Dean Hildebrand: “We make it from scratch. Every day it’s fresh. It’s never put in the refrigerator once it’s spun.”

The base stays the same — and you pick what goes on top.

Dean Hildebrand: “We have five different toppings. Ranging from vegetarian, roasted vegetables to meat toppings.”

Go for green beans and tomatoes or roasted turnips.

Dean Hildebrand: “We have one meat option. That’ll be our ground lamb shoulder. It’s a little spicy, a lot of garlic, cilantro. We have our corn masabacha which is hummus with roasted corn and chickpeas that are poached.”

Every platter comes with Israeli salad, pickles and pita bread.

Dean Hildebrand: “Our pita, we make fresh every day as well. So it’s super fresh, super hot. Never sitting for more than 30 minutes or so.”

And you can add on beet salad or even their unique hard boiled eggs.

Dean Hildebrand: “We have eggs braised in coffee, cardamom and cinnamon. Those are delicious toppings to have on top of your hummus as well.”

So if you’re looking for something that would make a great meal or yummy snack — head over to this winner in Wynwood.

Dean Hildebrand: “Perfect for sharing whether it’s a group or two people. There is a lot to try and taste and it’s going to be always changing.”


250 NW 24th St.
Miami, FL 33127

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