Dinner is served effortlessly thanks to Luxe Fête Social

Our time is precious. As nice as it can be to host a dinner party for friends, it’s a lot of work and really time-consuming. But there’s a service that lets you forget about all the prep work, and just enjoy your company.

Nathalie Cadet-James, event planner: “Imagine hosting a dinner party without even the lift of a finger.”

What sounds too good to be true is very much a reality in the 305.

Nathalie Cadet-James: “Luxe Fête Social is an effortless in-home private party dinner experience at a price that’s not gonna make you cringe.”

For a starting cost of $200 a person, you get a whole lot.

Nathalie Cadet-James: “We facilitate a private chef, a butler, these designer table settings, the menu cards, the personalized name cards, conversation starters.”

Guest (reading convo starter): “If you could spend a day in someone else’s shoes, who would they be and why?”

Here’s how it works.

You customize your order online at least a couple weeks in advance. Then everything gets delivered and set up a day or two before your party.

The chef arrives the day of.

Nathalie Cadet-James: “Literally all you have to do is figure out what you’re gonna wear, and answer the front door for your friends.”

Everyone’s all here! That means it’s dinnertime — with a three-course meal.

Nathalie Cadet-James: “The salad this evening is an organic kale and red apple salad. Our main course is grass-fed prime sirloin of beef.”

And for dessert, there’s a caramelized banana over a raspberry reduction (save some for me).

Ana María Polo, customer: “This is one of the greatest experiences I’ve had when it comes to having dinner. This provides simplicity, elegance, it brings people together. I really just think it’s a marvelous thing.”

And rest assured, you’re in very good hands.

Nathalie Cadet-James: “I travel the world internationally to plan events, and was recently named one of the top planners in the country. So it’s a great honor, and even more so that I’m able to share this magic through Luxe Fête Social.”

The service is offered year-round!


Luxe Fête Social

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