Dining at IKEA Sunrise

IKEA has been the place to go for cool, modern and inexpensive furniture. It’s also become a great place to grab a bite. Swedish meatballs, anyone? Now the restaurant is getting a revamp. Deco stopped by IKEA in Sunrise and grabbed a bite — IKEA style.

Nothing works up an appetite like a day at IKEA. Whether you’re picking up a “Klippan” love seat or a “Strind” coffee table, you can always count on the restaurant to fill your tank.

Chantal Nichtawitz, IKEA Sunrise: “Our founder, Ingvar, came up with the idea of putting a restaurant in the store.”

Now, the Swedish store is doing a remodel — IKEA style.

Chantal Nichtawitz: “The newest and most exciting thing that’s happened for us is that we just refreshed our restaurant.”

First stop? The all-new Fika area.

Chantal Nichtawitz: “‘Fika’ is a term in Swedish that means coffee break. And that’s exactly what it’s for, to grab a cup of coffee, maybe a cinnamon bun, a piece of cake and take a quick break while you’re shopping and relax and refresh, maybe look through the catalog.”

Fill up the cup. You’re gonna need it. Shopping here is an all-day affair.

For those just looking for a quick bite…

Chantal Nichtawitz: “We’ve also got a quick seating area, which is café style with café style high-tops.”

And, if you’d like to sit and enjoy your meal with a few new friends, check out the communal table.

Chantal Nichtawitz: “It’s not that usual here in the U.S. for people to sit together that don’t know each other, but it’s a very Swedish thing to just come and sit together.”

The menu got an update as well. Swedish meatballs, three ways.

Chantal Nichtawitz: “Everyone knows about our meatball. It’s our hero. We’ve come out with two great products to go along with that. One is the chicken meatball, which is 23 percent less calories than our regular meatball. My favorite is the new vegetarian meatball, which is vegan. It’s nondairy, it’s gluten free.”

Top it off with a piece of cake — or maybe two — and you’ll be asleep on a beautiful “Ektorp” sofa — until the store closes, of course, and you’re asked to leave.

Chantal Nichtawitz: “We’re bringing that experience also into the look and the feel of the restaurant so that it all kinda comes together and you feel good about where you are.”

IKEA Sunrise
151 N.W. 136th Ave.
Plantation, FL 33325
(888) 888-4532

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