Diner en Blanc comes to MIA

Dinner and a movie would be awesome for Valentine’s Day, but Chris Van Vliet will settle for a really awesome dinner. Diner en Blanc is about to go down in Miami. We’d tell you where, but even using our crack journalistic standards, we still don’t know.

Diner en Blanc is a global happening.

Matt Brooks: “Diner en Blanc is an avant-garde pop-up picnic. We started in Paris 28 years ago. Right now, it’s in 25 different countries around the world.”

From New York City up to Montreal and down to Sydney, people have been partying at this event. Now, it’s our turn.

Matt Brooks: “And we’re lucky enough to have it back in Miami again. This is the third installment of Diner en Blanc.”

There’s a good reason this is known as “the ultimate picnic.”

Matt Brooks: “You bring your own table, you bring your own chairs, you meet at a bus location with a group of people that you’ve never met before, and the best surprise of the night is you go to this secret location that is absolutely beautiful.”

Pick your spot and let your imagination run wild.

Matt Brooks: “So you see tables that people spend weeks to put together, with cake towers or ultimate centerpieces, candles, different types of lights.”

Once you’ve set up your table, the picnic begins.

Matt Brooks: “You eat your food, which you can either bring with you, or you can order it through our caterer and pick it up on site. You have wine and champagne, which you can order through our e-store and pick up on site.”

Food, drink, friends — what’s missing? Oh, yeah — music.

Matt Brooks: “You have entertainment, so we go from live bands to D.J.s. Everybody gets up and dances. It’s really a celebration of food, having fun, love, whatever you want it to be.”

Diner en Blanc is French for “dinner in white.”

It’s important to know that.

Matt Brooks: “The theme of the night is ‘all white,’ so you’re dressed in all white from head to toe. Your table is all white, your chairs are white. It’s not an exception. You have to come in all white or you’re not allowed in.”

This year’s Diner en Blanc soirée takes place on March 11.

Matt Brooks: “This year we’re expecting over 2,000 people, possibly up to 2,500 people. We will have an absolutely unbelievable evening for our guests.”

It’s always important to coordinate your food with your outfit!

Diner en Blanc

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