There are some amazing restaurants in South Florida, but eating out all the time can put a dent in your wallet — until now. Fort Lauderdale wants to show off what they’ve got when it comes to great food at a great price.

Dine Out Lauderdale is back. This is one heck of a lauder-deal!

Stacy Ritter, Fort Lauderdale Visitors Bureau: “Dine Out Lauderdale is a 60-day period of time in the summer, August and September, where participating restaurants offer a three or four course pre-fix lunch of dinner from $35 or $45.”

Kelly Romig, customer: “It’s amazing.”

With so many of your favorite Fort Lauderdale hot spots signed up, even the pickiest eater can find something!

Stacy Ritter: “We have a variety of foods here. You can basically eat around the world here.”

Even Keel Fish Shack is new to the program.

David MacLennan, Even Keel: “We are excited to be a part of it and be a part of the community and showcase some of the great ingredients and dishes we are doing here.”

In honor of being newbies, Even Keel got creative and expanded the menu.

David MacLennan: “We’ve got some great dishes that aren’t on our menu all the time. We have created some new things that may make their way on to our menu permanently.”

The clams are one of the new additions.

David MacLennan: “We are serving our clams carbonara. We do kind of our own carbonara version of that with linguine, poached egg and some smoked bacon.”

And check out these scallops. They’re seared to perfection.

Kelly Romig: “I think the people who come here will get a chance to try their food. The price point is awesome. I think Even Keel is going to show up and make people happy.”

Solluna in Fort Lauderdale Beach is a new kid on the block.

Arrianne Glassman, Solluna: “We’re really excited to be participating in Dine Out Lauderdale this year as a new restaurant. It really gives both locals and those visiting on summer vacations an opportunity to try us.”

At this joint you will get three courses of the best food this Mexican cantina has to offer.

Lisa Pumper, customer: “Everything is delicious.”

Arrianne Glassman: “Our shrimp tacos are very unique. They are tempura battered. We do it with a tropical mango salsa. Peruvian lomo saltado is a beef stir fry with vegetables. It is served with french fries, and we do it with Spanish rice.”

And for dessert. there’s a chocolate brownie, passion fruit cheesecake or churros and ice cream. Yum!

And they found a way to sweeten the deal.

Arrianne Glassman: “If you don’t have that that sweet tooth, you are more than welcome to trade that dessert in for a glass of wine. Beverages typically are not included, so this gives a great opportunity to make that menu and dining experience your own.”

Lisa Pumper: “It gives you a good quality experience at an affordable price.”


Dine Out Lauderdale

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