Dim Sum with a twist at the Sarsaparilla Club

When it comes to food, we like some of this — and we like some of that. Deco’s Chris Van Vliet found a restaurant that is serving up meals on wheels that everyone will like.

My mom always said don’t eat with you fingers, but Deco found a South Beach spot that is finger-licking good.

There is something happening at the Sarsaparilla Club.

Jeff Mcinnis: “Sarsaparilla Club is a meritage of a lot of different backgrounds, my background being from the South and my partner Janine, she’s from Australia – it’s a worldly cuisine.”

This restaurant at the Shelborne South Beach wants you to have some dim sum.

Jeff Mcinnis: “Dim sum is a Chinese term that would encompass the small bites like dumplings and buns.”

Dim sum is a starter course — think tapas or small bites. But here, they’re served Sarsaparilla style.

Jeff Mcinnis: “Our dim sum is unique. It’s a lot different than you would see in your ordinary Chinese restaurant. I’ve been known for my Southern food for most of my life, but this is a little bit a different take. We do little bit of an Asian twist.”

The dumplings are made by hand and stuffed with ingredients like carrot and beet tartare.

Jeff Mcinnis: “We do a short rib dumpling that is basically like a shredded meatloaf in a dumpling, with a black vinegar sauce.”

And you’re gonna to want some of their buns — their steamed buns.

Jeff Mcinnis: “One of my favorites is the fried chicken bun. We tempura fried chicken and then we put spicy aioli in a bun and then we put some homemade pickles. There is nothing better.”

From mushrooms to pork belly — the are buns for everyone.

Christy Harper: “The food here is amazing. It has such a fresh quality to it and the mix of the Asian and Southern is fabulous.”

Dim sum is usually rolled out on a cart. So Sarsaparilla had carts specially made for these table side selections.

The plates are brought out or created right in front of you.

Jeff Mcinnis: “If any cart is rolling by, you can stop, you don’t have to have a whistle or anything. All the carts will hit your table as you go.”

It doesn’t matter if the food is folded into a dumpling or stuffed into a bun… Sarsaparilla Club is serving it up, so you can eat it up.

Jeff Mcinnis: “There is really not a lot restaurants like it. It’s a lot of fun. You get to eat on wheels.”

Fun fact: The Sarsaparilla Club may have fun flavors of dim sum, but they stick with the authentic way of cooking it. All of their dumplings and buns are steamed — which is how traditional dim sum is cooked.


The Sarsaparilla Club
1 18th St.
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 341-1400

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