Dessert coffee at Craft Café

There’s something about a good cup of coffee and a great dessert. It’s even better when the dessert is in the coffee. There’s one place on Miami Beach that is changing the game altogether.

Something’s brewing at Craft Café that will have you saying “rest in peace, diet.”

Pascal Pinault, Craft Café: “I just want people to come and have a different experience. I wanna give them a unique moment with a unique coffee and a great quality coffee as well.”

The coffee bar inside Miami Beach’s Avalon Hotel has turned itself into the Willy Wonka of coffee houses.

Pascal Pinault: “People are really coming for the coffee.”

But it’s not your ordinary cup of Joe. It’s an entire menu of candy infused sweet treats made with a base of homemade espresso. All offered at the hotel’s restaurant during the day.

From caramel popcorn to Reese’s to ice cream cones dipped in M&M’s and roasted marshmallows.

Pascal Pinault: “And now we put the caramel candy. Now we are adding the whipped cream. Pretzel.”

Every specialty coffee has it’s own flair.

Pascal Pinault: “For us, it’s just a cup of coffee but for the guests, it’s a moment.”

The man behind the concept started out trying to create a take on the latte, and from there it grew.

Pascal Pinault: “I could not stop when I got started with the first coffee. I needed to create more and more and more.”

Pascal Pinault: “By creating one I think that’s when you start building. You do the first one and the second one just comes by itself because you start thinking, ‘What could I change to make this one better.'”

There are several options, from hot coffee drinks to cold ones.

And plenty of flavors to choose from between the syrups and toppings.

Pascal Pinault: “Pump of chocolate goes inside.”

Pastries stuffed with chocolate sauce ooze deliciousness right into your beverage as your glass drips in caramel sauce and gets rimmed with pecans…

How about cotton candy in a cone?

It’s all created to wow your eyes and suit your palette.

Pascal Pinault: “To see the expression, the eyes of the people when they see the coffee, when they try it, that’s what makes me happy.”

And customers aren’t complaining.

Customer 1: “I don’t think I need syrup ever again as long as I have one of these next to me. It’s a complete game changer.”

Customer 2: “Insane creation. So much flavors. It’s a good way to start your morning and your afternoon and end your night.”


Craft Café
700 Ocean Dr.
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 531-1667

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