Calling all fashionistas! There was a style expert in SoFlo. Designer Rebecca Minkoff was in Miami on a mission! She was giving fans the scoop on trends, her career and what she thinks we should be reading and how Deco Drive should be an essential part of any woman’s life. I think she said that — or wanted to.

Fashion was the talk of the town at Books & Books in Bal Harbour shops on Tuesday.

Here’s something we haven’t said in a while: designer Rebecca Minkoff was in South Florida for an event.

Yes! A live, in person event!

Rebecca Minkoff: “I’ve always been known as someone who gets out there and meets my community. This being the first foray back into that was very exciting.”

Fans know Rebecca for her clothes and accessories, but Rebecca’s an author, too!

The fashion maven was here celebrating the launch of her new book, “Fearless: The New Rules for Unlocking Creativity, Courage, and Success.”

Rebecca Minkoff: “I wanted to write a book that would not only be entertaining and make you laugh and cringe, but that’s something you could take away that you don’t have to be a designer that will help you on your journey.”

The book gives us a glimpse into the secrets of Rebecca’s success.

How’d she do it? The designer followed the rules and also wrote ’em.

Rebecca Minkoff: “The book is about 21 rules to unlock creativity, courage and success. Simple rules, following your gut, not needing permission from anyone as a grown adult to follow your path, being willing to take the risk.”

Rhea King, fan: “She’s a style icon. She’s also real. She’s teaching us to be fearless and going out there and doing what you can. You are going to get a bunch of nos, but there is going to be that one yes.”

Rebecca’s been busy!

She’s got a new book and her spring-summer collection is out.

Rebecca Minkoff: “The collection was about celebrating life, summer, plants, greenery.”

Nature influenced the prints and the colors for Rebecca’s new clothes, shoes and bags.

Rebecca Minkoff: “The spring color palate that is out is beautiful. We have some emerald green. We have some neutrals.”

One of Rebecca’s goals was her collection having something for everyone.

Rebecca Minkoff: “The woman we love to dress is a little bit rock ‘n’ roll. She’s a little bit Bohemian, and I think she has the duality to her. We want to celebrate a confident, optimistic, fearless woman.”

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