It’s no secret we love clothes and dressing pretty! Even at home we’re dressed to the nines. We look like this 24/7! Kidding! Seriously, to look good, it’s important to know great designers, and one of the best happens to be in South Florida for a few months. Deco got a glimpse of his new store.

Look what popped up at The Ritz-Carlton South Beach.

Designer Alvin Valley went to UM and started his business in the Grove. Now, he’s back in town.

Alvin valley: “I’m opening my first collaboration boutique concept store at The Ritz-Carlton South Beach.”

Celebs like Paris Hilton and Naomi Campbell are fans.

Alvin Valley: “It’s great when a celebrity comes to me and loves to work with me.”

In honor of Alvin being on SoBe, The Ritz threw a party, and of course, Deco got an invite.

Jacqueline Volkart, general manager, The Ritz-Carlton South Beach: “Alvin, truly, his mission is personalized service luxury, and this is what we do at The Ritz-Carlton South Beach also, so it’s a perfect combination to work together.”

Woman: “It’s so exciting that it’s here. I love the collection.”

Alvin’s designs are full of color and flair. The looks at the store are timeless.

Alvin Valley: “The collection we have here is a transitional collection. It’s going from spring through summer and into fall.”

Caitlin Manley, guest: “His new design speaks Florida, and it’s comfortable and breezy, just what we need down here.”

The Havana dress is flirty and fun!

Alvin Valley: “It looks amazing on everyone in every shape. We are very excited to see that.”

Guest: “He has a beautiful collection. The colors are vibrant and trendy.”

And, who doesn’t love a jumpsuit?

Alvin Valley: “One of our best looks right now, best selling is our jump suit, which is off the shoulder. It’s a bit like ‘Grease’ — Olivia Newton John in ‘Grease’ — in South Beach.”

The store will only be at The Ritz for a few months so get to shopping!

Alvin Valley: “I love being at The Ritz-Carlton because it works well with my brand, and it’s a place where you feel luxury.”


The Ritz-Carlton South Beach
1 Lincoln Road
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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