The Navy Blue Angels are taking to the skies above Fort Lauderdale Beach this weekend. To fly with these guys, you need nerves of steel and a really strong stomach. That’s why they invited our very own Lynn Martinez to go for a ride. With a barf bag in her pocket, Lynn strapped in and took to the sky.

They’re loud — and proud. The Navy Blue Angels are the highlight of the 2021 Fort Lauderdale Air Show.

The team will roar to the sky this weekend with precise, high-speed maneuvers. The Jets will sometimes be just a few feet apart.

One pilot showed up a little early to give me a gut-wrenching preview at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

Also strapping in? Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Principal Michelle Kefford.

Michelle Kefford, principal, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School: “It’s really exciting. I can’t wait to share the experience with all of my students and my staff.”

At the controls is U.S. Navy Lt. Julius Bratton, a pilot with over 1,500 hours in the cockpit.

This guy knows his stuff.

Lt. Julius Bratton, U.S. Navy: “We want to showcase the teamwork, precision and professionalism of the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps.”

First we got a safety briefing and a few helpful tips.

Navy officer: “In case of emergency, and you have to eject, he’s going to eject both of you. He will put in the sequences. It will launch you out.”

Lynn Martinez (to Michelle Kefford): “I’m so glad you’re going first.”

After getting a snazzy blue flight suit and helmet, I was ready.

Actually, I wasn’t ready. I was terrified.

Let’s do this!

Lt. Julius Bratton: “You ready to rock ‘n’ roll?”

Lynn Martinez: “I’m ready.”

Lt. Julius Bratton: “All right, Lynn, you ready? Hit it! Nice job, Lynn. Crush it. How do you feel?

Lynn Martinez: “Wow.”

Lynn Martinez: “You see that island right there? We’re going to do a loop over that, right?”

Lt. Julius Bratton: “How are you feeling?”

Lynn Martinez: “I feel great. Oh, my God, that was so much fun.”

Lynn Martinez: “Woooo!”

Lt. Julius Bratton: “Like being on a roller coaster, right?”

Lynn Martinez: “Oh, my God. What’s happening?”

Lt. Julius Bratton: “We’re weightless right now, Lynn.”

Lynn Martinez: “Yeah.”

Lt. Julius Bratton: “Cool, huh?”

Lt. Julius Bratton: “Nice job, Lynn! Nice job!”

Lynn Martinez: “Aaaaah!”

After 45 minutes of loops, high-G turns and amazing views, it was time to come back to Earth.

Lt. Julius Bratton: “Didn’t go to sleep?”

Lynn Martinez: “No! I didn’t throw up, and I didn’t go to sleep! Yeah! Oh, that was so much fun. Thank you so much! Oh, my God.”

Fort Lauderdale Air Show

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