Deco’s Lynn Martinez offers President Obama her lemontini

President Obama leaves office this Friday. And after these past eight years, he’s gonna need a drink! Lynn interviewed the president at the White House — and totally sold him on her lemontinis. He said he’d come by during a South Florida stop, and she’s still waiting.

Lynn Martinez: “So you’ll also have to stop by my house because I make a mean lemon martini.”

President Obama: “You are a good bartender?”

Lynn Martinez: “I can only make one drink.”

President Obama: “Only one drink?”

Lynn Martinez: “But my lemon martini is really good.”

President Obama: “I’m gonna have to try it out.”

You heard him! The president is so down for my world famous lemon martini. So when I heard he was coming back to South Florida, I had my social secretary clear my schedule.

It’s been a whole year since we last saw each other, and I’m sure all he’s been thinking about is getting together for my mean lemon martinis.

I started with the freshest lemons from my lemon ficus shrub — the essential ingredient in my hand-crafted martinis for my super secret recipe I got off of Oprah’s website.

Lots of ice! Freshly squeezed homegrown lemons, a little sugar and — just like he likes it — a generous pour.

I broke out the good Target martini glasses, added a little garnish and had my butler ready to serve.

Everything was all ready for my guest of honor, the leader of the free world and connoisseur of vodka based cocktails.

Now all I had to do was wait for the president’s motorcade to pull up to my front door.

Then I remembered something else he had said to me:

President Obama: “Although I gotta tell you, I probably have to do it after the speeches as opposed to before. It sounds like it might be a little strong.”

That’s OK. I can wait…

But maybe he doesn’t have the time to come all the way down here. I’ll just meet him at the airport.

Lynn Martinez: “Mr. President! Don’t go. I have your lemon martini!”

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