Deco talks with ‘The Crown’ cast for season 2

“The Crown” is coming back for season two. The stars tell Deco, this year Queen Elizabeth II is coming into her own — and coming into a whole new set of problems.

Claire Foy (as Queen Elizabeth II): “The monarchy’s too fragile, you keep telling me yourself.”

Things aren’t so great in Great Britain!

Claire Foy (as Queen Elizabeth II): “I’ve learned more about humiliation in the past few weeks than I hoped I would in a lifetime.”

In season two of “The Crown” Queen Elizabeth has been on the throne ten years but the job isn’t getting any easier.

Claire Foy (as Queen Elizabeth II): “I’ve had three prime ministers, not one has lasted the course.”

Her majesty’s life’s hard at the office and at home.

Claire Foy (as Queen Elizabeth II): “This restlessness of yours has to be a thing of the past.”

Prince Philip is using the royal yacht for personal princely pleasure.

And Princess Margaret? You don’t even want to know!

Vanessa Kirby (as Princess Margaret): “A woman for the modern age. Free to live, love and breakaway.”

Matt Smith: “They’re having children, they’re entering completely new phases of their lives.”

Vanessa Kirby: “Yeah, Margaret’s pregnant.”

Vanessa Kirby and Matt Smith play the wild prince and princess — and gave Deco some royal insights for the new season.

Vanessa Kirby: “These human beings that lived these extraordinary lives.”

The entire show is based on parts of history that have been forgotten or covered up. And Vanessa says she’s learning right along with the rest of the audience.

Vanessa Kirby: “The things people say to me most are, ‘Oh, I just Wikipedia’d the whole way through and I couldn’t believe it,’ like that’s so cool to get kids or someone who doesn’t know about history, i.e. me, and learning about our history.”

Claire Foy (as Queen Elizabeth II): “To do nothing is often the best course of action, but history isn’t made by people who do nothing.”

Matt and Vanessa say while the history is fascinating, what’s really cool is that “The Crown” shows them as just a family with as much dysfunction as ours … only with tiaras and castles.

Matt Smith: “One of the great strengths of the show is that when you glimpse sort of behind the veil and you see them be domestic, and you see normal things like get ready for bed or have breakfast, that feels incredibly engaging and you learn quite a bit about them as people.”

The second season is on Netflix, Friday.

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