Life is short! Just ask Victoria Justice! The actress plays a dearly departed party girl in “Afterlife of the Party.” Deco sat down with the stars of the film to get the scoop and to find out what it’s like being ignored at work.

Midori Francis (as Lisa): “I have this crazy idea. Instead of going out, how about we just stay home.”

Victoria Justice (as Cassie): “No, no we are not staying in.”

Party on! Victoria Justice is Cassie, a fun loving social butterfly in “Afterlife of the Party.”

Midori Francis (as Lisa): “I like having a good time too, but there is more to life than partying.”

Victoria Justice (as Cassie): “Come on!”

The fun gets cut short when she commits the ultimate party foul and croaks!

Victoria Justice (as Cassie): “What is happening?”

Robyn Scott (as Val): “I’m Val, your temporary guardian angel. Yeah, you died.”

Victoria Justice (as Cassie): “I died in the bathroom? Did that go viral?”

Victoria Justice: “This movie is about a girl who dies before her 25th birthday, and her perspective is then changed about life, and she learns lessons of forgiveness and growth.”

Stuck between heaven and hell, Cassie has a few days to tie up loose ends or be sent to a fiery afterlife!

Victoria Justice: “But really, she is, I think, is a girl who is learning about herself and is growing and cares about the people in her life, but she has to go through a bump in the road to learn some lessons.”

Midori Francis is Lisa, her bestie.

Midori Francis: “Lisa is very loyal, committed and sturdy at the things she is loyal, committed and sturdy about, including work and her single best friend, Cassie.”

The two are polar opposites, but their bond is so tight, Lisa can see her angel BFF when most people cannot.

Being dead means being invisible sometimes!

Victoria Justice (as Cassie): “I’m not going to hurt you. I just want to talk.”

Midori Francis (as Lisa): “I think I need an exorcist. My best friend, I can see her.”

Woman: “Is she here now?”

Victoria Justice (as Cassie): “Boo.”

Midori Francis (as Lisa): “Uh huh.”

For most of the movie, Victoria’s co-stars had to pretend she wasn’t there.

Midori Francis: “I started to have fun with the concept.There was a few times when I was like, ‘Oh, I’m having so much fun. Are we doing another scene where I don’t see Vic?’ And Victoria is like, ‘Thanks a lot.'”

Talk about being a fly on the wall!

Victoria Justice: “It was actually really fun for me, and, you know, people ignored me very easily. It was fun.”

Robyn Scott (as Val): “Go back to your owner.”

Victoria Justice (as Cassie): “So, we can talk animals?”

Robyn Scott (as Val): “Not we, I can. It’s above your power grade.”

Victoria Justice (as Cassie): “Oh.”

“Afterlife of the Party” releases Sept. 2 on Netflix.

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