Deco takes a look at Apple TV’s new show, ‘Little Voice’

Drama, romance, comedy, music: the new Apple TV show, “Little Voice,” has a little of everything. New episodes drop on Fridays, so we got in tune with the talented young star.

Sean Teale (as Ethan): “In one word, who are you?”

Brittany O’Grady (as Bess): “Only one word?”

Sean Teale (as Ethan): “Mess?”

Hey, we totally feel that.

Brittany O’Grady stars as Bess in the new Apple TV series, “Little Voice.”

She’s a musician in New York dealing with issues of love, family and, well, trying to find her voice.

Brittany O’Grady (as Bess): “I don’t like anyone listening to the songs I write.”

Brittany says as an actor, worrying about putting your work out into the world for everyone to see, is super relatable.

Brittany O’Grady: “Oh, for sure, I think it’s definitely something all of us artists, whether it’s writers, painters, directors, musicians, we all face.”

Finding your true voice isn’t easy. Brittany’s only 24, but she has some words of wisdom on the subject.

Brittany O’Grady: “Something I try to strive for is to feel unapologetically authentic to what I believe truly in my heart, whether it’s sticking up for others, whether it’s empowering yourself and your peers.”

We also know Brittany as Simone from the Fox show, “Star.”

Preparing for musical roles has gotta to be more of a challenge for actors, right?

Brittany O’Grady: “It requires a lot of tenacity and a lot of concentration and a lot of work. It’s like having another job on top of creating a character.”

But, she tells Deco, it’s all very rewarding.

Brittany O’Grady: “It’s a really fun process, and something that’s super unique.”

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