Deco interviews ‘Cars 3’ stars

Fasten your seatbelts — Lightning McQueen is back on the tracks. But this time, he’s forced to step us his game. Deco spoke to Owen Wilson, Armie Hammer and Kerry Washington — who are driving their way into theaters this weekend.

Lightning McQueen may not think he’s done, but his critics think he’s running out of gas in Disney/Pixar’s “Cars 3.”

Owen Wilson: “He kinda has to get dirty because he’s sort of, you know, forced to try some new things because what used to work isn’t working anymore.”

That’s because Lightning is now facing a storm of competition.

Meet Storm, the newest champ in the franchise.

Armie Hammer: “He’s the fastest, he’s the most technologically-advanced, he’s got all these kinds of bells and whistels to him, but he hasn’t figured out yet the love of the game.”

And he can get a little arrogant.

Storm’s dominance forces Lightning McQueen to take his training into high-gear.

Owen Wilson: “This next generation of racers that are blowing by him, so he’s gotta go get dirty if he’s gonna win again.”

Enter Cruz — played by Cristela Alonzo.

She’s got her work cut out for her as Lightning’s trainer, and that means she spent a lot of time working with Owen Wilson.

Cristela Alonzo: “We make people laugh in different ways, but they’re very complementary towards each other.”

Kerry Washington is also new to the crew.

Kerry Washington: “I’m so thrilled to be in the film and be part of this franchise.”

She plays Natalie Certain who is…

Kerry Washington: “Super bossy, smarty-pants, know it all, kind of arrogant.”

And even as a car — Kerry’s breaking down the bad guys — ahem …cars.

‘Cars 3’ races into theaters this Friday.

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