Deco heads to London for ‘Alien: Covenant’ premiere

(WSVN) - Cheerio and pip pip! Our own Chris Van Vliet crossed the pond for an out-of-this-world assignment. Chris is in London for the world premiere of “Alien Covenant,” and word is this one will have you on the edge of your seat.

The stars rocked Leicester Square in London for the world premiere of “Alien: Covenant,” the eighth film in the franchise and one that promises to up the ante.

Billy Crudup: “Well, who doesn’t like to be scared out of their pants? I mean, it is something he’s been doing, Ridley, for 40-ought years.”

Demian Bichir: “Being a part of this with the master, the one and only Ridley Scott, is a dream for any actor.”

This movie is the second prequel to the original 1979 “Alien,” a film that terrified audiences then and still holds up now — and Ridley Scott is back to direct this.

Ridley Scott: “I think he may be the most scary of all movie monster creatures ever. At the time, Fox said he’s gross and obscene, and I said, ‘Isn’t gross and obscene what we want? We’re doing a horror movie, dude.'”

Katherine Waterston (as Daniels): “You hear that? Nothing. No birds, no animals, nothing.”

In “Alien: Covenant,” we follow the crew of a spaceship called the Covenant who are on a mission to colonize a new planet.

But, of course, things don’t go exactly as planned.

Michael Fassbender: “The alien creature itself is such an iconic image. It’s sort of in people’s psyche, and there’s something very visceral about it, and it’s very provocative.”

Your emotions are sure to get a workout as you go from extreme to extreme.

Danny McBride: “I think lots of screams. I think that people will cry at certain points of the film, but I hope that everyone enjoys it. I usually don’t watch a lot of the stuff that I’m in. I usually can’t take the ride, but this movie, I can take the ride.”

“Alien: Covenant” creeps into U.S. theaters May 19.

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