Deco has the ultimate summer movie preview

Summer is the time to tone up at the gym, hit the beach and get some sun. Or you could just camp out inside a movie theater so you don’t miss any new releases. And there’s gonna be plenty of em’. Here’s a summer movie preview.

Josh Brolin (as Thanos): “When I’m done, half of humanity will still exist.”

And something like half of humanity has already seen “Avengers: Infinity War.”

But it’s far from the only movie that’ll make noise at the box office this summer.

Erik Davis, Fandango: “If you look at the month of May alone, it’s probably going to be one of the biggest months we’ve ever seen in history.”

Erik Davis from Fandango is talking about two flicks in particular: “Deadpool 2,” and “Solo: A Star Wars Story.”

Alden Ehrenreich (as Han Solo): “190 years old?! You look great!”

Despite Solo’s reshoots and a director change — fans don’t need to worry too much.

Erik Davis: “Always trust Disney. Always trust Disney and Lucasfilms. They know what they’re doing with these ‘Star Wars’ films.”

Always trust them?

Ahmed Best (as Jar Jar Binks): “On second thought? No, not really, no.”

Milly Shapiro (as Charlie Graham): “Who’s gonna take care of me?”

Toni Collette (as Annie Graham): “You don’t think I’m gonna take care of you?”

Milly Shapiro (as Charlie Graham): “But when you die.”

OMG. June will bring us “Hereditary,” which isn’t a summer blockbuster, but could be a big hit.

Erik Davis: “If you just saw ‘A Quiet Place,’ and you’re like ‘Yo, more movies like that’, then go see ‘Hereditary.’ It’s an original horror movie, kind of like a haunted house meets a psychological thriller.”

The following month has another potential hit — “Mamma Mia 2.”

Erik Davis: “It’s got Cher in it, it’s got all the ABBA music, it’s got a lot more. My mom has not stopped asking me about this film every day. I’m like, ‘Mom, it comes out in July, relax!'”

Also in July, there’s the super original and offbeat “Sorry to Bother You” — which could be one of the rare summer movies to get Oscar buzz.

Danny Glover (as Langston): “You wanna make some money here? Use your white voice.”

Lakeith Stanfield (as Cassius Green): “My white voice?”

Danny Glover (as Langston): “Hey, Mr. Cramer, this is Langston from RegalView!”

Erik Davis: “It goes to some insanely crazy places that I am definitely not going to spoil, but it’s just one of those rich conversation starters that you walk out of the movie and you go, ‘I gotta talk to somebody about this film.'”

Then “The Meg” comes out in August, featuring Jason Statham fighting a megalodon.

Need I say more?

Erik Davis: “You can’t get through the summer without some crazy shark movie. This one is probably gonna be a little scary, but it’s got that camp to it.”

Jason Statham (as Jonas Taylor): “Chew on this, you ugly –”

And we haven’t even hit the summer sequels: “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom,” “Ocean’s 8,” “Mission: Impossible – Fallout” or “Incredibles 2.”

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