High-energy and thrilling: words that can be used to describe the amazing Shireen Sandoval! They also come in handy when talking about action movies, especially Gerard Gutler’s new flick “Copshop.” Strap in because Deco’s going on patrol with the cast.

Alexis Louder (as Valerie Young): “So, why are you looking to get locked up, Theodore?”

Frank Grillo (as Teddy Murretto): “Everyone’s trying to kill me.”

Get ready for a wild ride!

Gerard Butler is a hit man on a mission in the new action thriller “Copshop,” and that mission is taking out Frank Grillo!

Gerard Butler (as Bob Viddick): “I did what I had to do to get to you, Teddy!”

But, he’s gonna have to get past Alexis Louder first.

Alexis Louder (as Valerie Young): “You’re under arrest.”

The film is an explosive cat-and-mouse game with an old-school cop movie vibe. Sounds fun, right?

Gerard Butler: “We all had a lot of fun making this movie. That’s why I think we wanted to make it. It’s just, you knew it was gonna be fun to perform. All the characters were great, interesting, shocking.”

Wow tell us how you really feel!

Gerard Butler: “It just seemed like it would be a fun movie to make, and it would be a really fun movie to watch on the big screen.”

We know Gerard and Frank are action superstars, but Alexis and her character Officer Valerie can totally hold their own around the guys.

Alexis Louder: “I related to her confidence. That she, even if she doesn’t know all the answers, she had the confidence to either get the answers or figure it out for herself.”

Gerard is used to playing the good guy in movies like “London Has Fallen” and, of course, “300,” but there’s a lot more gray area when it comes to his “Copshop” character.

Gerard Butler: “He really believes that he’s doing a good job. He’s taking out spineless, weak people, so in his own world, he’s a hero.”

And like him or not, he’s got style.

Gerard Butler: “Cool, kind of calculated, callousness. I got a bunch of Cs in there. Cool, calculated, callousness.”

Alexis Louder: “Look at that alliteration. It’s out there now.”

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