(WSVN) - South Florida has a bay. People like to watch it. So it makes sense that the movie “Baywatch” would shoot here and hold its red carpet premiere here. Deco’s Chris Van Vliet sat down with the stars on Friday to talk about beach-bod diets and slow-motion running.

Dwayne Johnson (as Mitch Buchanan): “Welcome to Baywatch. Our team is the elite of the elite.”

“Baywatch” is back! The 90s TV show has returned with a twist.

Zac Efron: “It’s kind of like a revived, brand-new version for us, for today.”

Kelly Rohrbach (as CJ Parker): “What is it you think we do here?”

Zac Efron: “Prevent people from getting sunburnt and occasionally stop them from drowning.”

Zac Efron stars alongside The Rock — and yes, we know both of them are in ridiculous shape in this movie.

Chris Van Vliet: “What was the one food that you missed the most getting in shape for this film?”

Zac Efron: “Things like cookies, and hamburgers, french fries. You start craving the weirdest things, like things you wouldn’t typically eat.”

Alexandra Daddario: “That’s what it’s like to be pregnant.”

Zac Efron: “Is it really? That’s what I would compare being in shape for ‘Baywatch,’ it’s like being pregnant.”

Zac Efron (as Matt Brody): “Look I get it, you’re big — Sasquatch. But I’m fast.”

The characters you know from the TV show are in this. Like, The Rock plays Mitch Buchanan, made famous of course by David Hasselhoff, and Kelly Rohrbach is in the Pamela Anderson role as CJ Parker. And she gave us the secret to fitting into that iconic swimsuit.

Kelly Rohrbach: “It’s made of neoprene, which is scuba material, so it sucks you right in. About an hour each day, lube up.”

But it wouldn’t be “Baywatch” without slow-motion running.

Alexandra Daddario (as Summer Quinn): “Why does she always look like she’s running in slo-mo?”

Jon Bass (as Ronnie Greenbaum): “You see it too?”

The cast told me how to perfect it.

Zac Efron: “If you run in slo-mo, in slow motion, you just look…”

Alexandra Daddario: “It’s way too slow.”

Zac: “And it looks hilarious.”

Chris Van Vliet: “Do you have to think of the face you are making, knowing that it will be slowed down?”

Zac: “No.”

Alexandra: “Yes. What’s your technique?”

Zac: “I tried not to think about it.”

Jon Bass: “It’s harder than it looks, and I know that sounds ridiculous. It truly was. I was like, ‘Dwayne, what do I do?’ And he was like, ‘Just go at it like you’re looking off into the sunset.’ And I was like, ‘All right, thanks!'”

And now, using the crazy expensive cameras they used for the movie, it was my turn, costume and all…

You can hang with Zac Efron, The Rock and the rest of the cast at the world premiere of “Baywatch,” Saturday night on South Beach, at Seventh Street and Ocean Drive. The doors open at 5 p.m.

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