Deco gets to know the stars of Netflix’s ‘Holiday in the Wild’

Snowmen are cute and totally scream Christmas time, but with the heat here in SoFlo, a holiday in Africa sounds a lot more relatable. Deco hit the road to talk to Rob Lowe and Kristin Davis about their new Netflix movie called “Holiday in the Wild.”

Kristin Davis (as Kate): “Two days ago, he told me that our marriage was over. Two hours ago, I landed here on what was supposed to be our second honeymoon, by myself.”

Break-ups can be wild, but spending Christmas at an elephant sanctuary in Africa with a hunky pilot played by Rob Lowe is even wilder.

Kristin Davis (as Kate): “I’m in this place surrounded by wild animals.”

Rob Lowe (as Derek): “Hey, New York.”

Kristin Davis (as Kate): “Oh, sorry. Um…”

Netflix’s new rom-com, “Holiday in the Wild,” stars Rob and Kristin Davis. Their characters don’t really get along at first, but things quickly change.

Rob Lowe (as Derek): “You’re falling in love.”

Kristin Davis (as Kate): “Huh?”

The movie was filmed on location in Zambia and South Africa, so Deco wanted to know if Rob and Kristin had ever been somewhere exotic for Christmas.

Rob Lowe: “We’ve been to the South Pacific. I love traveling. I love to get out. That’s one of the reasons I loved doing the movie. It was a place I’ve never been before.”

Kristin Davis: “I’m mostly home bound, but we also go to South Carolina where I’m from.”

Rob Lowe: “That’s awesome.”

Kristin Davis: “But before my kids, we went to Ojai, you know.”

Rob Lowe: “Really rugged places like Ojai.”

If it seems like Rob and Kristin know how to have fun together, that’s because they’re old friends. Twenty years ago, they starred in a made-for-TV disaster movie called “Atomic Train.”

Kristin Davis: “Rob rode on top of of the train like a crazy person.”

Rob Lowe: “I rode on top of the train, and then right after that I got ‘The West Wing,’ and she got ‘Sex and the City.'”

Kristin Davis: “It’s true.”

Rob Lowe: “So it led to good things.”

“Holiday in the Wild” is full of really cute surprises, so we asked these two if anyone had ever done something totally unexpected for them for the holidays.

Kristin Davis: “Do you remember when we were in Canada?”

Rob Lowe: “Yes, years ago.”

Kristin Davis: “Long time ago.”

Rob Lowe: “Yes, yes!”

Kristin Davis: “And his kids were little. Johnny was little, and they came up to the set because we were in Canada, and they don’t have our Thanksgiving. They came up for Thanksgiving with your dad.”

Rob Lowe: “That’s right!”

Kristin Davis: “It was so sweet.”

Rob Lowe: “See!”

Let’s address the elephants in the room, because they play as big of a role in the movie as the cast! We wanted to know what animals Kristin and Rob have always felt drawn to in real life.

Kristin Davis: “I do have a connection to the elephants. I feel obsessive about the elephants, yes.”

Rob Lowe: “I rescue dogs. I’m just a dog freak and a sucker for dogs. She’s that way about elephants. I’m that way about dogs.”

Kristin Davis: “It’s true.”

“Holiday in the Wild” is now available on Netflix.

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