Grumpy people need some foam action to brighten up their day.

Here is Alex lathered up in some smiley soapsuds. Where’s the party foam people at?

Ready to have a foam-plastic great time?

Carlos Fierro, Owner: “June 15th is National Foam Party Day. So there’s a day for everything right? So we deserve a day as well. They’ll be having some burgers, some hotdogs, some refreshments It’s like a kick-off for summer.”

And this is a party you can see a mile away because there’s.

Carlos Fierro: “A lot of foam! You will see at least 5 to 6 feet of foam. And people will be crazy diving in it. Running around in it. It will be fantastic.”

Jessica Sanchez: “These kids are enjoying it. They’re enjoying their summer. As soon as they see the foam, they come running, they come jumping in, clearly.”

From soapy to sweet “zombie ice event experience” has options.

Carlos Fierro: “We have our Zombie Ice truck which has foam capabilities meaning that you have an icy and the foam party at the same time. We also have our slingshot which is an add-on to the parties. It’s a complete party.”

They cover all of so-flo’s tri-county area and even the boonies.

Carlos Fierro: “We come with the water, we come with the electricity, we set up, we leave. You don’t have to worry about a thing. The foam itself is hypoallergenic. It’s safe for the grass. It does not irritate your eyes or anything like that. It’s just bad tasting. We tell everybody please do not eat the foam.”

And once the sunsets

Carlos Fierro: “We do a glow in the dark, a UV foam. That is spectacular, it looks like a radioactive blob of something from outer space. And with the music going on it’s just fantastic.”

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