Tennis matches take place on the court, but the game of love can happen just about anywhere — including Los Angeles, where Deco had a big ol’ love fest with the cast of “Challengers.” Deco’s Alex Miranda, who’s definitely serving looks tonight, is here.

In her hit song “3,” Britney Spears poetically said:

“One, two, three
Not only you and me
Got one eighty degrees
And I’m caught in between.”

That’s basically the plot of “Challengers,” except Zendaya is the one caught in the middle — of two … sweaty … tennis players.

Josh O’Connor (as Patrick Zweig): “Tashi Duncan. She’s gonna turn her whole family into millionaires. She’ll have a fashion line, a foundation.”

Let the games begin! And we’re not just talking about tennis.

Zendaya (as Tashi Duncan): “How often does this happen, going after the same girl?”

Josh O’ Connor (as Patrick Zweig): “Not as often as you’d think.”

Mike Faist (as Art Donaldson): “We usually have different types.”

Zendaya (as Tashi Duncan): “You’re saying I should be flattered.”

Mike Faist (as Art Donaldson): “Aren’t you everybody’s type?”

Zendaya (as Tashi Duncan): “Come here.”

Mike Faist (as Art Donaldson): “Which one of us?”

Zendaya, Josh O’Connor and Mike Faist are heating things up, on and off the court, in “Challengers.”

She’s a tennis star who suffers a career-ending injury, and they’re the ex-best friends competing for her love.

Zendaya: “If you catch it, it makes so much sense.”

Z and the guys spent a lot of time together making the movie, so it’s no surprise they got to really know each other. I mean, really.

Zendaya (to Josh): “You’d do a lot of this. (waves her hands around) A lot of…”

Josh O’Connor: “If I’m nervous and anxious, I do all this.”

Zendaya (to Mike): “And yours is, you always scratch your head before you answer a question. And you also do a lot of – (makes broad arm gestures) yours are bigger. His are like a lot of this.”

Mike tells Deco he even started talking like Josh at one point.

Mike Faist: “I spent most of my time with Josh, and I ended up starting to not do, like, the accent, but I started to do like the inflections that you do, and I was like, ‘Wow, that’s weird.'”

Mike Faist (as Art Donaldson): “He’s not in love with you.”

Zendaya (as Tashi Duncan): “What makes you think I want someone to be in love with me?”

Let’s be honest. We’re all in love with Zendaya’s red carpet style … but she let us in on a little secret.

Zendaya: “I love fashion so much, and I love clothes. But I also think, because I love so many different things, that I ultimately end up getting overwhelmed in my personal life and just wear the same four things.”

Z, Mike and Josh have a lot in common, including backgrounds in theater. All right, so when are we seeing them back on stage?

Josh O’Connor: “I would get back to the theater world anytime. That was my first love, so I’d always.”

Mike Faist: “You’re always looking for the next project that just ignites something in you, that it just feels like, ‘Yeah, I have to do this, I don’t have any other choice.'”

And, as for Zendaya hitting up Broadway…

Josh O’Connor: “Yes.”

Zendaya: “Maybe one day.”

Josh O’Connor: “Sorry, I’m not her manager.”

Zendaya: “‘Yes, she will, it’s booked.'”

Josh O’Connor: “Yes, she’s gonna do it.”

Mike Faist: “Oh, you’re not? I thought we were now. Officially.”

Josh O’Connor: “Her managers?”

Mike Faist: “Yeah, yeah, yeah.”

“Challengers” is now playing in theaters, and you already know Zendaya is staying booked and busy. Her next gig is the Met Gala in May. She’s one of the co-chairs alongside J.Lo, Bad Bunny and Chris Hemsworth.

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