If being a pirate means drinking bottles of rum while sailing the Fort Lauderdale Intracoastal Waterway, sign us up, mates. A sunset cruise for adults promises a pirate’s life for you — water cannons included. Deco’s Alex Miranda has the arr-rated story.

Shiver me timbers, Lynn and Shireen. Booze on a boat, mansions ahoy. A crew of your closest comrades. A pirate’s life for me — except for their hygiene. I don’t think they showered much.

A pirate’s life for me!

Alex Miranda: “If I were a pirate, I would be the Cardi B version of a pirate.”

Captain Black Sparrow: “Haha! Oh, no, man. I don’t think I want to see you twerking.”

And fellow Fort Lauderdale freebooters.

Captain Black Sparrow: “On the deep blue sea!”

Because, yo-ho, yo-ho, Bluefoot Pirate Adventures is offering a private sunset cruise for adults.

Alex Miranda: “Is it all just pillaging and stealing and plundering?”

Captain Black Sparrow: “No, no, no! We’re not that kind of pirate! We’re party pirates!”

Explore the intracoastal waterway and New River…

Captain Black Sparrow: “Ahoy!”

…with up to 48 of your mates!

Captain Black Sparrow: “Try to say that five times real loud: Adult drunken party pirate cruises!”

I think that’s called three sheets to the wind. But it is BYOB, so do bring your own…

Alex Miranda: “Booty and White Claw.”

These treasure fleets are two hours long, but you can hang at the dock for one hour before.

Good thing their weapons only shoot water!

Captain Black Sparrow: “Twenty feet away from this boat.”

Clear the deck!

Captain Black Sparrow: “This is the only course I’ve ever run where people alter course to get closer to us.”

This voyage is a vibe.

Alex Miranda: “Where does a pirate … get a drink?”

Michael: “I’m not sure. Tell me.”

Alex Miranda: “The sandbar!”

Play your own music on bluetooth, full blast. But these buccaneers don’t like bad words.

Captain Black Sparrow: “We don’t wap on this boat.”

Alex Miranda: “That’s the only thing that I do is wap.”

Captain Black Sparrow: “Let’s make this perfectly clear!”

Jack Sparrow would have loved that song — not Jack Dawnson.

Your doubloons will double as a yacht and mansion sightseeing tour.

Heather Dougherty: “I’ll stay here all day long, met some great people, made some connections, captains are fun and entertaining, a lot of fun out here today.”

Land ahoy! But, can me land a joke?

Alex Miranda: “Ronny, I wasn’t really a great student in high school because I just got … high seas.”

Rony: “No.”

Alex: “No?”

Guest: “No.”


Captain Black Sparrow: “You are without a doubt the worst pirate I have ever heard of.”

Alex: “But you have heard of me…”

Tickets are $40 per person and you walk the plank if you don’t pay.

Cruises take off from the Bahia Mar Marina, right off Sea Breeze Boulevard.

Bluefoot also offers pirate adventures for kids.


BlueFoot Pirate Adventures
801 Seabreeze Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

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