Camila Cabello is a hometown queen, and she’s good at just about everything, especially looking like royalty. She’s telling Deco about one of her favorite color trends, and we’re showing you how to rock it just like her.

Camila Cabello (singing): “I swear on my life that I’ve been a good girl. Tonight I don’t wanna be her!”

There’s no denying Camila Cabello’s got style.

Camila Cabello (singing): “Do you feel me? Can you feel me? ‘Cause I can’t breathe.”

And she’s not afraid to get colorful.

Camila Cabello (singing): “Oye, don’t go yet. Don’t go yet.”

The SoFlo superstar was recently in town for the premiere of her new movie, “Cinderella,” and she hit the red carpet looking mellow in yellow.

Camila Cabello: “I think yellow is probably my favorite color right now.”

You had us at yel-lowww.

Camila Cabello: “Like, I love my yellow nails and my yellow eye shadow. It’s just very joyful and loud and happy, so I like manifesting those vibes.”

Camila got her yellow manicure done by nail artist Claudia Rosario. We caught up with her at Vanity Projects in the Miami Design District.

Claudia Rosario: “Yellow is really fun, bright, really cool color to put on the nails.”

Claudia says Camila came up with the design herself.

Claudia Rosario: “It was kind of inspired by the look that she had on the carpet for the premiere.”

She created the manicure for us using Japanese gel polish.

Claudia Rosario: “It’s gonna be an almond shaped nail with a nude base and a yellow swirl wave type of look.”

Claudia uses a thin brush to get the wavy lines just right.

The final product is totally red carpet worthy.

Natalie Ortiz, customer: “Having the same manicure as her and being done by the same artist makes me feel like I could, in the future, walk a red carpet myself.”

It’s easy to face the day when your makeup looks this cool.

Makeup artist Nikki Oxley knows a thing or two about glam.

Nikki Oxley: “I’ve been a professional makeup artist in the U.S. for about 15 years. I specialize in runway and high fashion editorial and event makeup.”

We caught up with her at the Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry in Fort Lauderdale to recreate Camila’s red carpet look.

Nikki Oxley: “We did the traditional cat eye but didn’t bring it out as far, and then we did the yellow line pointed in the corner of the eye, and then we did two very graphic triangle shapes, very close to each other, to create that look on the outside.”

Because the lines are so precise, Nikki recommends using fashion tape to get it just right. Finish the look with a peach blush and a shiny gloss.

Now you’re ready for a Cinderella moment, just like Camila.

Gracie Stern, customer: “It’s really fun, and it really goes with the dress that I’m wearing currently, and it makes my eye color pop. I really like it.”

For more info on how to book an appointment with Nikki Oxley or Vanity Projects, click on the links below:

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