During Miami Art Week, everything is over the top, and if you think a $5 cup of coffee is already expensive, get a load of this: $1,000! We found the most expensive cup in the world, and I liked it.

Think your Starbucks is a splurge?

Alex Miranda: “Hi, I’ll have a cup of hot coffee, please.”

How about…

Danny Casale, Ur Special Coffee Pop-Up: “OK, that’ll be $1,000. Cash or credit?”

Alex Miranda: “Credit?”

The most expensive cup of coffee in the world is being poured during Miami Art Week at the Bagel Club in Wynwood.

Danny Casale: “The coffee itself is very rare.”

But right now, it’s the Ur Special Coffee Pop-Up, where Artist Danny Casale, or Coolman Coffee Dan, if you’re in the know…

Danny Casale: “They look at my art and my videos, and they get such an emotion out of it, even though it is so simple and rudimentary and kindergarten.”

Is making this a one-of-a-kind experience.

Danny Casale: “I’ll talk with you. I’ll catch your vibe. I’ll draw a little bit of something that I think you would like.”

It’s art, it’s caffeine. What can I tell you? It’s Basel.

Danny Casale: “It’s something that can’t be replicated again. That’s the cool thing about it. It’s art that gets used. It gets a little dirty, but it’s a time stamp.”

So artsy! Basically order, and then…

Danny Casale: “You get a call from your accountant. They probably yell at you, but they’re like, totally stoked that your getting a sick piece. I’m there, I draw.”

Just kidding … or not.

Danny Casale: “I would suggest you take a sip without any sugar or creamer first to get that ultimate experience.”

The pop-up is a cafe and gallery, with Danny’s art for sale during the day, but from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m., it becomes your pregame spot with beer and wine.

Marcel Katz, The Bagel Club: “The vibes are free. Everyone is special. We want everyone to feel welcome here, and the idea is to be you and not be scared to learn something new.”

Let’s get back to the joe. It’s Superlost Coffee’s Sidra variety.

Danny Casale: “So the sidra has actually been fermenting for four and a half days, and now it’s being extracted one single drop at a time.”

Why am I nervous?

Alex Miranda: “It tastes funky. It tastes fruity.”

And I’m feeling like a whole new person.

Alex Miranda: “Darling! Now I’m ready for Art Basel. Cheers!”

Ur Special Coffee Pop-Up
The Bagel Club
2400 North Miami Ave.
Miami, FL 33127 

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