Sometimes wearing a mask can mean you’re hiding some emotions, but if you’re the winner of “The Masked Singer,” it’s a good thing.

For Bishop Briggs, this is true. The last time we saw her, she was crowned the champ of “The Masked Singer” as Medusa.

Now the new mom/rock star has a new EP, aka Extended Play, aka mini album, called “When Everything Went Dark,” and is set to drop Friday.

Bishop just went for it and especially with her song “Superhuman.”

Bishop Briggs: “I really unexpectedly lost my sister. I found myself seeking this coping mechanism, which was writing and being creative.”

Her power is in her epic voice.

Bishop Briggs: “When I was recording ‘High Water,’ I was like, ‘This is the opposite of therapy. I am traumatized. This is so difficult to be recording this.'”

But she’s determined to tell her story through music.

Bishop Briggs: “I think pouring your energy into something that you can put into a body of work, I feel like with this EP, it’s really like the past, present and future of this journey of living alongside grief, and my hope is that, when people finish the EP, they feel as though they can continue on.”

And Bishop is unloading.

Bishop Briggs: “I had this idea about these blue watermarks that appear, and they sort of represent our trauma, our grief, and I’m still a work in progress, and that’s really what ‘Baggage’ is about.”

On top of all that, she is hitting the road with a fall tour.

Bishop Briggs: “I’m gonna be bringing the baby with me. The baby’s gonna be in the band. No. I would love to incorporate some of my ‘Masked Singer’ journeys into the set if I can.”

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