Well, it’s bad to the future.

Tonight, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are getting psyched up about their future “Bad Boys,” and we are psyched for it, too.

And they’re doing this all by taking us on a trip down memory lane.

We do have to wait ’til June for Part 4, but for now, Will and Martin are reminiscing about the bad times and the good.

Martin Lawrence (as Marcus Burnett): “All right, no gunshots, no dead bodies.”

Will Smith (as Mike Lowrey): “Well, if I do recall, the last couple of dead bad guys belong to you.”

Will Smith: “All right, we are here. It is the anniversary of ‘Bad Boys 1.'”

Happy 29th birthday, “Bad Boys.”

Martin Lawrence: “That’s us.”

Will Smith: “Yeah, what were you thinking in this picture?”

Martin Lawrence: “I was thinking I was Diesel. ( Will laughs) I was thinking I was Cock Diesel.”

Will Smith (as Mike Lowrey): “Freeze.”

The word “freeze” took on a whole new meaning for Will Smith and Martin Lawrence when they shot the first cop film in the franchise.

Martin Lawrence: “Coldest day in Atlanta, (Will laughing) it was freezing.”

Will Smith: “It was freezing that day, and we had to act like we weren’t cold, and that’s a hard acting job, to act like you’re not cold when it’s freezing.”

Martin Lawrence: “Not cold, and it’s freezing.”

They might not have enjoyed the cold, but they loved working with Miami director Michael Bay.

Will Smith: “It was his first movie, he had never done a movie, he had done commercials and music videos, and he just gave ‘Bad Boys’ a signature.”

And, even though it was all fun and games on the set when it came to shooting the explosive scenes…

Martin Lawrence: “Safety first (Will laughs).”

Will Smith: “Hey, when they go blow some stuff up, Marty Mar get real serious, he’s like, ‘Hey, who’s in charge? I need them to come over here’ (laughing).”

Can’t blame Martin, especially since he did get hurt filming “Bad Boys 2.”

Will Smith: “It was the ‘Bad Boys 2’ where you got the bad explosion, right?”

Martin Lawrence: “Oh, yeah, when I was running up the steps, and you was like, ‘Are you all right, are you all right?’ Because I was about to go the [expletive] off.”

Whoops, hope nobody got fired.

Martin Lawrence: “That’s us looking, just having fun, yeah, just having fun on the set.”

Will Smith: “Bad Boys ride or die.”

Martin Lawrence: “Ride or die, baby.”

“Bad Boys 4: Ride or Die” hits theaters June 7.

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