Will.i.am isn’t just a musician. He’s also an inventor, helping kids make their dreams come true. Will was in Miami Beach Wednesday night, raising money to help them prepare for a brighter future.

Will.i.am (singing): “Girl, you got it back, I’m loving your physique, you’re sexy from your tippy top down to your feet.”

Will.i.am is looking to the future with the Black Eyed Peas’ latest song, “Guarantee.” but that’s not the only futuristic thing he’s involved with.

He recently created a new app.

Will.i.am: “FYI, Focus Your Ideas, is a new age messaging platform for folks to have an idea, materialize that idea and collaborate with their teams alongside AI.”

The singer’s also invested in the future of our kids. That’s why he co-hosted a fundraising gala Wednesday night at the Loews Miami Beach Hotel.

Will.i.am: “Working with FIRST is always a joy — the work that we do, the skill sets that we bring to these kids, encouraging them and mentoring them to go out in the world and tackle the problems that they face with science, technology, engineering, mathematics.”

He also hopes to build more robotic teams around the world.

Will.i.am: “I’ve been working with FIRST for 12 years now, and the work that we’ve been doing has transformed my neighborhood that I come from personally, and I know that it’s transformed other communities.”

Will.i.am (singing): “I love it when you sing your melody to me, so sing it to me one more time.”

As for the music, he says BEP will be dropping some tunes next year.

Will.i.am (singing): “Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go.”

But he is very excited about his newly released song with J Balvin, because he’s a big F1 fan, plus he’s their newest global artist in residence.

Will.i.am: “I have a new song with J Balvin called ‘Let’s Go,’ check it out, in collaboration with F1. Thank you so much for the collab, thank you so much, F1, for giving us this opportunity to be front and center in all things automotive.”

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