When Nick Cannon isn’t on the set of his hit show “Wild N’ Out” or making babies, he’s actually running a restaurant … and lucky for us, the restaurant is here in Miami Beach. It’s all the rave these days, so you know Deco had to check it out. For work purposes, of course.

The hit TV show “Wild N’ Out” has brought its talents to Miami Beach.

Nick Cannon: “There is no place better to be than miami beach. I mean, it’s the hottest place on the planet.”

With a new and bigger location on Ocean Drive, this is definitely where the party is.

Carlos Ramirez: “The last Wild N’ Out that we had on South Beach was much, much smaller. We had to find a place that was bigger and would fit the crowd that we were getting.”

Although they’re not here to tell jokes like on the show. The restaurant is here to serve up a good time.

Carlos Ramirez: “Just like the show, we like to bring a lot of energy into the restaurant. When they walked through the doors of Wild N’ Out, you’re going to hear the whistles, you’re going to hear music, you’re going to see people having fun. It’s about the atmosphere and about the energy.”

The music and party vibes aren’t the only draw. The food is also a main attraction.

Carlos Ramirez: “Everybody comes in and gets the wings. Our combo platters all come with wings, and that’s got to be probably our most popular dish.”

From ribs and wings to fried lobster, steak and wings. Mmm, now I think I want wings.

But what about the drinks?

Carlos Ramirez: “We serve what we call giant drinks, so we have our frozen daiquiris. The really popular one is called Plead the Fifth. The Henny Bomb is also really popular, very boozy. It’s perfect.”

Courtney Willie: “We got in, the music was really fun. You know, you walk in, and it’s instantly a party. The food is plated really well; it tasted really good. I’d definitely come back.”

Nick Cannon: “Turn up with us. Let’s go, Miami!”

Wild N’ Out
1060 Ocean Drive
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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