Cinderella once said, one shoe can change your life. Well, someone said that Cinderella said that. Either way, a fabulous pair of shoes can make you feel like royalty. Deco found a shoe collection at a Dania Beach museum that is so hot, they were once on fire. Only problem: you can’t wear them.

If you’ve never heard of the Wiener Museum of Decorative Arts, let’s change that, right now.

Louise Irvine, Wiener Museum of Decorative Arts: “We’re a little bit of a hidden gem, but we’re trying very hard not to be.”

WMODA is the hottest museum in Dania Beach, and I mean that literally.

Louise Irvine: “We’re a museum of what we call fire arts. By that, what I mean is ceramics and glass.”

Like these hot wheels, designed by renowned glass artist Rob Stern.

Louise Irvine: “He came one day and said, ‘I’ve been working on this great idea. My wife is an obssesive collector of shoes, all the great brands.'”

Raise your hand if you also want to see his wife’s shoe collection…

Alex Miranda: “How do you improve upon a Manolo Blahnik?”

Here’s how: with their new exhibit, “Stern’s Stilettos.”

Louise Irvine: “Showing all the myriad colors that you can have in glass, but also all the wonderful glass-making techniques.”

Rob has worked with the most famous glass artist ever, Dale Chihuly.

Louise Irvine: “He has done more than any other individual to start a whole American movement of glass.”

Whose work is also on display here — permanently!

Alex Miranda: “I’ve seen Chihuly collections, and you love them, and they’re beautiful, and then they go.”

Louise Irvine: “We have Chihuly here 24/7, all year round.”

But there are many other curiosities, too.

Alex Miranda: “Wait a minute. Is that…?”

(Louise Irvine gestures that it is her.)

Eaborate sculptures…

Alex Miranda: “Who’s the artist?”

Louise Irvine: “Alex, it’s a plastic chair.”

Even this water nymph photo op.

And then, there’s this.

Louise Irvine: “When you see these porcelain fairies flying around on this chandelier, you’re just blown away by the whole experience.”

They even have a contest to guess the exact number.

Alex Miranda: “Two-hundred and seventy-four.”

Louise Irvine: “You’re so close!”

Alex Miranda: “Two-hundred and seventy-five.”

Louise Irvine: “But I’m not going to tell you!”

Well, there are 50 shoes in Rob’s collection. but not even Cinderella could fit in these, so don’t get any ideas.

Alex Miranda: “I feel like you would look great in one of these glass shoes.”

Louise Irvine: “Unfortunately, I can’t even handle the stilettos anymore.”

WMODA is open Tuesday to Aaturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. It’s on the second floor of the big white building on Federal Highway that has the dinosaur on the outside.

Wiener Museum of Decorative Arts: WMODA
481 South Federal Highway, 2nd Floor
Dania Beach, FL 33004

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