Put your appointments on hold. We’re going back to “Duncanville.”

A brand-new season of the Fox animated series kicks off this weekend. Deco talked with two of the stars to find out what’s coming up for their quirky cartoon family.

Amy Poehler (as Annie Harris, voice): “Did you take you take out the trash?”

Amy Poehler (as Duncan Harris, voice): “No.”

Amy Poehler (as Annie Harris, voice): “Fold your jammies?”

Amy Poehler (as Duncan Harris, voice): “No.”

Amy Poehler (as Annie Harris, voice): “Take your bathy?”

Amy Poehler (as Duncan Harris, voice): “No.”

Amy Poehler (as Annie Harris, voice): “Clean your earsies?”

Amy Poehler (as Duncan Harris, voice): “No, and I never will!”

It’s no picnic growing up in “Duncanville.”

The animated series follows 15-year old Duncan Harris, a typical teen in a not-so-typical family.

Amy Poehler (as Duncan Harris, voice): “I need to change my shorts. Carry me upstairs.”

Ty Burrell (as Jack Harris, voice): “No offense, son, but your’re practically an invalid.”

“Modern Family’s” Ty Burrell voices Jack, Duncan’s well-meaning but not-too-hip dad.

Ty Burrell (as Jack Harris, voice): “Duncan’s face is freaking me out!”

Riki Lindhome does the talking for Kimberly, his 12-year old sister.

Riki Lindhome (as Kimberly, voice): “I hate my yearbook picture. Can we sue the school?”

Season 3 of “Duncanville” is coming up on Fox, Sunday night. Things have definitely been ramped up this time around.

Ty Burrell: “As wild as seasons 1 and 2 have been, Season 3 seems to have escalated somehow.”

Ya think? Check out the plot for Episode 1.

Ty Burrell: “The gamer Ninja voices a character who is a gamer in this who kidnaps all of the kids in Duncanville and then hunts them for sport.”

Somehow, all that is going to turn out really funny.

And that’s why Riki jumped at the chance to be a part of the series. She wanted to work with the creative team behind it.

Riki Lindhome: “Well, for me, it was the people who created it. It was Amy Poehler, and Mike and Julia Scully from ‘The Simpsons.'”

Since Ty and Riki play father and daughter on the show, it’s only right their characters share some of the same qualities. They both get mad.

Ty Burrell (as Jack, voice): “Duncan Harris, I am your father, you are still my little boy, so get your butt in the car.”

Jack and Kimberly might need some anger management, but the actors who voice them won’t be signing up for that anytime soon.

Riki Lindhome: “My character has no control over her emotions, and I feel like I have some control.”

Ty Burrell: “Though it’s cathartic in a recording booth, my wife and daughters would murder me if it was real.”

Ty Burrell (as Jack, voice): “Ah beep bop beedle eedle deedly doo. Ow!”

“Duncanville” airs Sundays at 7:30 p.m., right here on 7.

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