There’s no denying it, Deco’s got a sweet tooth. If it’s sugar or chocolate or candy we know about it — and want some! There’s a new spot on South Beach that specializes in food with all of our favorite ingredients.

Your diet can start tomorrow, ’cause tonight we’re loading up with cookies.

The sweetest shop just opened inside Time Out Market on Miami Beach.

Blake Warman: “The Blakery is a cookie bakery that specializes in the ultimate 6 ounce cookie.”

These goodies blew up on social media.

Blake Warman: “Instagram was honestly the reason I am here today. When I first started, they kind of pushed out the content to all of our followers.”

Now they’re taking a bite out of their first brick and mortar location.

Blake Warman: “It’s really exciting being at Time Out Market, because you get to experience customers coming in for lunch or dinner and wanting something sweet after.”

Blakery isn’t baking up your average treats.

They’ve got about a dozen flavors on rotation, loaded with deliciousness.

Blake Warman: “We stuff our cookies. They all have different toppings and different layers.”

The “cookies and cream” is a dream.

It’s filled with candy and when it’s hot from the oven gets topped with another cookie! Yum!

Blake Warman: “I kind of wanted to keep it to flavors and ingredients that I like personally, so all of my flavors are things I love and eat.”

The s’mores has marshmallow inside and out and their special Time Out collab with banana and almond butter will have you screaming for more.

Kyle Chi: “They are nice and crispy on the outside, but right in the center is gooey and warm.”

There’s even one that’ll make you feel like a kid again.

Maximilian Huc: “The Dunkaroo is very surprisingly magnificent. I’m used to having the Dunkaroo out of the plastic casing it normally comes in. To see it in a cookie form blew my mind. They’re amazing. It brought me back to my childhood, I must say.”

It’s always a good time for cookies and now we can head over to Time Out and pick some up!

Maximilian Huc: “You feel like you are in very euphoric place when you take a bite.”

For More Info:

The Blakery
1601 Drexel Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

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