There’s something fishy going on in South Florida. That’s about as cheesy as things are going to get at the South Beach Seafood Festival this weekend. Deco took the plunge to find out what delicacies from the deep await you.

Listen up, foodies. The South Beach Seafood Festival is back.

Tod Roy, South Beach Seafood Festival: “We’ve got the best cuisine, the best chefs, the best restaurants, and it’s the best seafood in the world.”

The festival takes over the Beach this Friday and Saturday.

The event shines a light on homegrown talent.

Tod Roy: “There’s other festivals that have chefs coming in from all over. We’ve got ’em all right here, right here on South Beach.”

One of those chefs is Chef Peter Vauthy. He heads up Red South Beach, a top-shelf steak and seafood destination.

He’s bringing a signature dish to the soiree.

Chef Peter Vauthy, Red South Beach: “We do a king crab cake. No one else does that; it’s something very specific to what we do here.”

Mirielle Enlow, diner: “I love the crab cake at Red steakhouse, amazing. You think of a steakhouse as steak, but they have amazing crab cakes, and I can’t wait to have it this weekend at the Seafood Festival.”

On Friday, the culinary combat of the VIP Chef Showdown goes down.

Tod Roy: “We feature 14 local chefs doing seven different battles.”

The flavors of Mediterranean seafood will shine in the showdown, courtesy of Meet Dalia.

Chef Ilde Ferrer, Meet Dalia: “We want to be part of it to show Dalia to South Beach, to show them what we’re all about.”

Now, we can’t reveal what the chef is creating for his battle.

Chef Ilde Ferrer: “I gotta keep it a secret because I don’t want the other chefs to know what I’m making.”

If it’s anything like the baked branzino in puff pastry, and shrimp katiafi in shredded phyllo dough, he’s got a Big winner on his hands.

Alex Fulton, diner: “I think the food at Meet Dalia is fantastic. The seafood is so fresh, and I love the shareable menu.”

The festival kicks into high gear on Saturday with food, drink and music everywhere. It is most definitely party time.

Tod Roy: “We feature pop-up cafes of your favorite restaurants in South Florida.”

We’ve got two words for you when it comes to the South Beach Seafood Festival: just go.

Tod Roy: “You don’t want to miss this. This is the time of year when everybody’s looking for something to do. This is what you need to be doing in October.”

For more information on tickets and prices, talk to someone really smart — or just click on the link below.

South Beach Seafood Festival
Oct. 22-23

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