Artists create art for lots of reasons — maybe to express their feelings, connecting with others or pay the bills. Next weekend, a festival is giving up-and-coming local artists the chance to spread the word about their talents. It’s time for you to see Unsin.

Unsin Music Festival is back for a second year at the Oasis Wynwood.

Julian Duque: “Unsin Music Festival is a festival that wants to bring all the best emerging talent from Miami. It’s mainly a festival for the Miami community of artists, musicians and culture.”

What makes Unsin unique is the fact that it’s not about presenting well-known acts to fans. You’re going to get exposed to a bunch of hometown heroes.

Julian Duque: “Let’s think of something, of a small festival, and instead of focusing on the big mainstream artists, let’s focus on local talent.”

One of the groups who’ll be filling the air with sound is Jai Alai. The guys are grateful to be able to play on their home turf.

Mario Lemus: “Any opportunity that any musician here in Miami gets to play at a festival like this, you know, it’s cool.”

The band mixes a lot of different styles together to come up with their own particular sound. This is a chance to lay out what they do best in a setting that’s totally supportive.

Jovi Adames: “It’s exciting. I think that, you know, it’s a city that’s craving more sounds, different sounds.”

Live music is only a part of the big one-day event.

Julian Duque: “So we have six music conferences put together emerging talent, you know, the best emerging talent, with music industry professionals, mainly here from Miami.”

You don’t need to take the stage to be part of Unsin, if you do your art on canvas.

Julian Duque: “Indoors we have the conferences, the art gallery.”

That’s where you’ll find Jenny Perez. She’s been at it for a while, but the festival could be a big break for her.

Jenny Perez: “I don’t have experience in the instituional art world yet. I’m not in any museum collections yet, so I think, once that starts to happen, I’d consider myself a little bit more established, but for now, I’m still in that emerging artist category.”

Exhibiting her work at the festival that spotlights her own town is exactly where she wants to be.

Jenny Perez: “We need real Miami people, because there’s so much talent here, there really, really is, and I think we need to have more of a platform to share what we’re doing in the city.”

The Unsin Music Festival goes down next Saturday, May 13. Tickets are $20.

Unsin Music Festival & Conference
Oasis Wynwood
2335 N Miami Ave.
Miami, FL 33127

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