Being yourself is hard enough sometimes. Now imagine trying to play yourself in a movie!

That’s exactly what Nic Cage kinda sorta has to do in his new film, and he’s telling Deco why that was downright scary.

Joanna Bobin (as The Therapist): “What’s the worry here, Nick? You’ve lost some of your talent as an actor?”

Nicolas Cage (as Nick Cage): “No.”

Nicolas Cage has still got it, and in “The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent,” he’s flaunting it.

Nicolas Cage (as Nick Cage): “I could see myself doing more of this stuff. I think I might have a real gift for it.”

The actor stars as the over-the-top, fictional version of himself. Easier said than done.

Nicolas Cage: “I have to say there was no muscle in my body that told me I should play a character named Nick Cage in a movie. I was scared because I didn’t want to embarrass my family, and at the same time, I had to facilitate the director’s vision, which was, you know, anxiety-ridden, neurotic Nick Cage.”

Pedro Pascal (as Javier Gutierrez): “What is your favorite movie?”

Nicolas Cage (as Nick Cage): “It’s one of those questions that’s impossible to answer.”

Pedro Pascal is Javi, Nick’s superfan-turned-BFF in the movie, and since he’s actually a big fan in real life, he also kinda felt like he was playing himself.

Pedro Pascal: “I think I have the easiest job out of everybody, and ironically, the role of of Javier Gutierrez could be closer to me than the role of Nick Cage is to Nicolas Cage, in a way.”

Lily Sheen, who plays Nick’s daughter, is an even bigger fan. She couldn’t stop raving about Nic.

Lily Sheen: “This is my first movie, and so, to be able to set the bar this high, it’s gonna be a tough act to follow. It was amazing, Nic is like the loveliest. He’s so paternal, especially with me, and he was amazing. It was a great – a source of comfort for me, and also just someone who I really learned a lot from.”

Pedro Pascal (as Javier Gutierrez): “Are those my golden guns?”

Nicolas Cage (as Nick Cage): “They’re my golden guns.”

The film also has nods to some of Nic’s old roles, like Castor Troy in “Face/Off.”

And speaking of “Face/Off,” Nic says something might be in the works.

Nicolas Cage: “There has been some rumbling about ‘Face/Off.’ I got a nice call from Neil Moritz, terrific man, great producer and he seems really enthusiastic about a possibility there. That could be really interesting.”

Pedro Pascal (as Javier Gutierrez): “You are a faster runner than me. I saw how fast you were in ‘National Treasure.'”

Nicolas Cage (as Nick Cage): “No, that’d be the stunt department.”

Pedro Pascal (as Javier Gutierrez): “Not according to the making-of featurette.”

“The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent” is now in theaters.

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