Most of us drive in South Florida when we’re not taking an Uber. But sometimes, you’d rather put the miles on someone else’s car like when you’re going up to Disney or down to the Keys. Well, Uber rent wants to give you their keys. Just like a rental car. But Uber rent with valet, which has already launched in New York and D.C., is making it easy

Road trips are Uber fun! But now, even rental cars can be convenient.

Javi Correoso: “Someone shows up at your front door with the car that you’ve chosen, at the time you’ve chosen, and you’re ready to go on your way.”

When you use the new Uber rent with valet delivery.

Javi Correoso: “You open up the app, click on rent. You’ll have an option for different cars, the same way that you rent a car online.”

Because for $15 extra, you don’t have to schlep all the way to the lot.

Javi Correoso: “The prices will reflect what the rates are for avis at that specific moment.”

Just make sure to reserve at least two hours in advance, and the possibilities are endless.

Javi Correoso: “You can use it just for a day trip. You can use it for three days, five days, whatever you want it for.”

Driver: “You just give a pin number, and it’s all yours.”

Alex Miranda: “8323.”

Driver: “Perfect enjoy!”

So, how about Javi and I take this Cadillac CT4 for a spin?

Alex Miranda: “What music do you listen to?”

Javi Correoso: “I love my regetton.”

Alex Miranda: “No Rihanna?”

Oh, that’s going to be a problem.

Javi Correoso: “Can we change the music?”

Alex Miranda: “Um… No.”

Javi Correoso: “Are you hungry?”

Alex Miranda: “You know what? I know this place.”

Javi Correoso: You’re not talking about… this is where we’re going?”

Alex Miranda: “Yeah.”

Alex Miranda: “Do you guys still have those party packs?”

Cashier: “Yes, we do.”

Alex Miranda: “Oh!”

Alex Miranda: “Ok, let’s do it. I’m feeling it.”

Cahsier: “I’m feeling it too.”

Alex Miranda: “Haha.”

Cahsier: “I’ll see you at the window.”

Alex Miranda:” Ok. Thank you, Sharlanine.”

Javi: “I guess Taco Bell it is.”

Alex Miranda: “Thanks so much, love.”

Cashier: “Come again.”

Alex Miranda: “Uber rent with valet.”

Because even a road trip to Taco Bell can be unforgettable.

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