The Tribeca Festival kicked off in New York and, it was star-studded! The festival features movies, TV shows, podcasts and live performances, but Wednesday night was all about J.Lo … and Deco got a front-row seat.

It was a party at the Tribeca Festival Wednesday night.

Ryan Seacrest, French Montana, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Deco fave Michelle Buteau hit the red carpet at the festival Robert De Niro started two decades ago.

Everyone was there in honor of the one and only Jennifer Lopez.

J.Lo’s documentary “Halftime” kicked off the festival’s 12-day-long celebration.

Jennifer Lopez: “It’s such a storied festival, and being from New York, it was always something we look forward to every year.”

“Halftime” was the hottest ticket in town. Even the woman of the hour couldn’t wait to check it out.

Jennifer Lopez: “I’m nervous but very excited. This is a beautiful reception here, and it’s a beautiful night. I wouldn’t want to do it anywhere else.”

The doc gives everyone a glimpse into what makes Jen tick.

Jennifer Lopez in “Halftime” : “I’ve lived in the public eye, and I really believed a lot of what they said.”

News reporter 1: “Diva.”

News reporter 2: “Serial bride.”

Jennifer Lopez: “I think this might be my first time having a film and it is about my life.”

Nothing is off limits.

The movie goes behind the scenes of Jen’s 2020 Super Bowl half-time show in Miami, and it covers everything from singing at the presidential inauguration, to her love life and her family.

Jennifer Lopez from “Halftime”: “I really feel like my life is just beginning.”

Jen and French Montana love collaborating. He couldn’t have been happier for her Tribeca debut.

French Montana: “You have to be tough person. You have to have all the elements it takes. You have to be molded a certain way to come out of the Bronx.”

Deco’s most famous former employee, Michelle Buteau, may want to go for president of the J.Lo fan club.

Michelle Buteau: “She is such a great example of what it means to be a boss and strict but also kind, so she’s inspired me in more ways than one.”

“Halftime” is now streaming on Netflix.

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