You don’t need a special occasion to treat yourself, so why not let all your worries get sucked away? At Fort Lauderdale’s newest spa, Balens Estetica and Wellness, their Hydra facial has the potential to leave you feeling brand new, so leave the kids and the stress at home, and let’s get some good skin.

What better way to treat yourself than at Balens Estetica and Wellness med spa in Fort Lauderdale, with one of their Hydra facials?

Melissa Stephenson: “The Hydra facial is a pretty extensive facial, and basically what it does is it helps clean out our pores and resurface the skin.”

You can even add boosters depending on your skin concerns.

Melissa Stephenson: “There’s things for pigmentation you have for acne, and it all is going to depend on what you come in with today and what they decide will be best for you.” 

So your skin is going to look great no matter your skin type or needs. 

Melissa Stephenson: “And because we’re resurfacing the skin, we’re getting rid of dead skin cells, and we’re helping with the overall appearance of the skin.” 

You can also get one done on your head, too, with their Keravive treatment.

Melissa Stephenson: “What it does is it helps resurfacing the skin on the scalp, which in turn could help with hair growth, but really, what it does is it makes your scalp healthy to be able to be conducive to that hair growth.” 

You’ll leave feeling a little something like this: 

Larry Miller (as Paolo): “Majesty, only Paolo can take this and this, and give you … a princess.” 

Melissa Stephenson: “When you get one, you leave here with a nice little glow.”

Victoria Bravo: “The esthetician has great hands, and overall, the therapy is awesome. My face is less inflamed, and it feels really hydrated.”

But what matters here is more than skin deep. 

Melissa Stephenson: “We offer nutritional wellness, which is kind of like our staple and that we pride ourselves on, because we work on wellness from the inside out. Your skin — it doesn’t matter what we do on the outside — won’t be good, unless we fix the inside.” 

For more information about booking a facial or other treatments at Balens, click here.

Balens Estetica & Wellness
308 SW 6th St., Suite 2
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315

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