You may have heard the saying: one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Well, one Miami artist is taking trash and turning it into art. Deco took a trip over to The Bass Museum on Miami Beach to throw some things away – I mean, to check out art.

Caroll Spinney (as Oscar the Grouch, voice, singing): “Oh, I love trash.”

Hold your horses, Oscar the Grouch. There just may be one person who loves trash more than you.

Kerry Phillips: “I like trash better.”

Artist Kerry Phillips is giving things once considered old and unwanted a whole new life at The Bass Museum.

For her first ever solo exhibit, titled “Between the Mundane and the Miraculous,” Kerry places things thrown by the wayside at the center of her art.

Kerry Phillips: “There where these lamps that were left behind by, like, a studio neighbor, and so one day, I just pulled them into my studio and started playing with them, and then lo and behold, that turned into my first lamp sculpture.”

And that’s pretty much how all of Kerry’s art comes to life.

Sitting dead center in the exhibit is a rectangular pile of stuff which is a clear example of that. The piece has everything in it … from old furniture to old phones and even a sewing machine.

None of which Kerry sees as trash.

Kerry Phillips: “What it really screams is potential, like, ‘I still have potential, right?’ And so, it’s like bulk trash day, is like, you know, they have it in different neighborhoods every day, and it’s like, I love it, so I drive around, and I’m like, ‘I see potential in that dresser.'”

Is there a good place to search for trash? According to Kerry, there is.

Kerry Phillips: “There are really good trash neighborhoods. I have, like, a whole map that shows, like, different neighborhoods for a big trash day.”

Kerry Phillips’ “Between the Mundane and the Miraculous” is on view now until Oct. 22 at The Bass Museum on Miami Beach.

The Bass Museum of Art
2100 Collins Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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