Even though Thanksgiving is just a couple of days away, we’re not talking turkey tonight. There’s a new Italian restaurant in the Design District that’s got us tickled pink.

Get ready to wine and dine in style!

Miami’s got a new addition that will have you thinking and seeing pink, and it comes all the way from our neighbors to the north.

Charles Khabouth: “Sofia is a brand new restaurant here in the Design District. It hails from Toronto. The space is in itself a very happy, sexy and modern space.”

Sexy also means Italian food here, but maybe not the kind you’re thinking.

Charles Khabouth: “The food is fairly light. It’s not heavy Italian. It’s a light Italian menu. We have a lot of crudos. We have a lot of sashimis.”

We’re talking dishes like ahi tuna and octopus. But if you’re not feeling fishy…

Charles Khabouth: “The menu is well-balanced.”

Balance equals carbs, so bring on the pasta.

Charles Khabouth: “One of our top pastas is the cacio e pepe. It’s done with pecorino cheese and truffle, and of course, lots of butter and cheese, but it’s definitely worth the calories.”

Ahmad Hamid: “The food is absolutely delicious. I think I could eat this pasta every single day of my life. It’s so good.”

All that yummy food is sure to make you thirsty, so cocktails are really fun.

But at Sofia, they really wanna help you wine down.

Charles Khabouth: “We’ve been curating for the last year and a half, really some incredible wines from all over the world.”

Cheers to that!

After all, you can’t go wrong with good food, full cups and fun vibes!

Ahmad Hamid: “The Design District is the place to be. I’m always looking for somewhere new, fun that I can go out with my friends, and this is absolutely that.”


Sofia – Miami
140 NE 39th St., Suite 133, Miami, FL 33137

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